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Planting & Growing a Rose

Article about What, how to do it, and why It's important


  How to start achieving a balanced life in the tone of someone like you


This short story is about creating a Rose. I have not created the balance system and not one person has. People preach it all the time, but assume you know how to achieve it. What I have created is how I have achieved balance as a middle class hustler and am explaining how people can do the same in their life. It is about the metaphor of creating something beautiful starting with a single rose, putting yourself first, and second adding amazing people, to create a bouquet of beautiful people that you surround yourself with. From this you can achieve untouchable confidence. People have it way backwards and the process should be Love first, motivate with love Working out & Dieting second, and achieving step by step will create your confidence to learn knowledge and make money.


Every time I read a self help motivating growth book, I realize that I am reading in a tone from someone who has already made it. Someone who has made it big in one category and they have settled down on a little beach in the Bahamas to explain hope they are struggling... right. However, all these books and podcasts have a very similar formula and all reflect the same thing. The only difference and uniqueness to each individual is their journey and what they learned along their journey. The key is marketing the journey, relate with your audience if you can, and don’t bullshit the facts. I have always wanted to read in a tone that is barely a step above me or on the same level as me so I can relate, an average middle class entrepreneur family man. I wanted to read from someone who is still on the journey along with me, with someone who is still trying to find their treasure similar to mine. I look up to the people who are grinding and growing with not much to prove as “successful” as defined by society, but successful as defined by individual success, confidence, self awareness, humbleness, and understanding fully. I resent someone who try’s to trick people into believe something that is not real. The ones who say things that lead to “If you don’t join now you will miss out” or the ones who hire models to hang out with them , take steroids, and the most importantly the ones who aren’t balanced. 


Well here I am, not as an author, but as a realistic balanced individual who is happy everyday. I love myself, I love my friends and family, I am fit naturally and don’t eat shit, I don’t worry about paying bills, own businesses, manage million dollar businesses, and learn everyday of my life through books, mentors, and observation. Now it is your turn...

Take action and start your balanced journey today


Put your ideas into action without any excuses or playing the blame game.


Common excuses that will prevent you from executing is blaming others, saying you don’t have enough time, enough money, digging up the past, and/or feeling sorry for yourself like you are owed something. I’m sure you have heard time after time, “Actions speak louder than words”, but it is true, so visualize it over and over again, execute it, and if you fail learn, from it. Use resources like your phone to call everyone who can help.


Also, if you have an idea... share it to people you trust or that are in trusted positions in life. Don’t let that stop you from executing. I have always thought, if I am scared of someone who thinks they can do it better then myself by stealing something I created, just means I doubted myself already. If your scared of your idea getting stolen just remember that one thing that will ALWAYS will be different no matter what idea you have is your journey. How you have overcame thorns in life and stayed balance sets the strong from the weak, the Lions from the Sheep. It is not about understanding the what in life, or how your going to do it, but 100% why you do the things you do and why you want to live balanced.


Everyone knows and have been told that they should embrace a balanced life. If your like me you will bring the question of how. People will say it, but won’t tell you:


BALANCE all of the ROSE to feel ultimate happiness and Success forever (Bold I know):


FOUNDATION: Loving yourself is the strong foundation of a beautiful rose.

GROWING STEM: The Journey and strength to push through the thorns of life.

BLOSSOMING BEAUTIFUL ROSE: Growing Knowledge and Wealth along with.


If you don’t feel happy and successful, then you are off balanced somewhere. It is up to you to figure out where you are unbalanced and be humble enough to change it. Hopefully outlining the steps will help you think further in how to fix the issue.


You can fail at anything, if you do fail, fail at something you enjoy. 

First, Building the Foundation to your Single Rose


So, I’d like to start off by saying that this isn’t for everyone. This is for people who are humble enough to know they need to change to grow and that even care to improve like a two step program. Forcing people to do anything is just like farting, if you force it, it will become crap. Some people are content with complacency and that is fine, but this is not for them.


People are looking for a lottery “golden ticket” or pyramid scheme, but I wasn’t handed a filthy rich family and understood those did not exist, so this is not one of those stories. Hell, I wasn’t even handed a perfect life and had to parent myself through perfect observations. This is where I can plug the much needed “Thank you older siblings for teaching me so much of what not to do growing up. I learned that smoking and drinking didn’t lead to success if abused and that the friends you surround yourself with, dictate so much of your life and your future”... I chose sports that always challenged me and reminded me that you still need a team to be successful even when you are a badass yourself already. You need to surround yourself with great coaches and friends to win.


I had a dream about a year ago I wrote that and my older siblings whooped my ass after reading it. I feel comfortable now saying it because they are matured now and they have balanced their live’s out and won’t whoop my ass. But if so, then bring it on punks! 


Tough LOVE is important and jokes aside, family will always be the hardest on you when taking risks, when changing things in your life, or loving the things you want to love. They want to be the first to feel the need to protect you from any obstacle or risk that come up in life so that you don’t suffer. Your troubles are your families troubles because they LOVE you. A supportive family typically always wants to protect your heart forever, even if it doesn’t sound like they have good intentions for you, they usually do. It is up to you to decide if you believe them or want to take a risk, listen to your gut feelings. 


My foundation of Love and how I strengthen it is with performing hobbies each day. I believe I am imperfectly perfect and will golf, bowl, play ping pong, go shooting, etc. One of my favorite hobbies that I love to get better everyday at is spending quality time with my wife and daughter. I like to hike with them, relax with them, paint with them, etc. 


BALANCED LOVE and what steps to become a beautiful Rose:


LOVE YOURSELF first and let your heart guide you. This doesn’t mean it will always be easy just listening to your heart, your heart will hurt and feel confused at times. Trust it and feed it with personal hobbies to help yourself feel happy and motivated throughout the day. LOVE OTHERS by giving genuine compliments to others and give smiles throughout your day. Accept that some days, weeks, and months will suck more then others. Try to LOVE yourself and others in the present moments. Accept situations and people as they are, for you will stress if you try to change the things you can’t change.


Accepting and pushing through obstacles while loving yourself and others, will create:




This will help you conquer any obstacle or thorn that presents itself throughout life. Once you feel balanced doing all of these without thinking about it, you have become a MASTER of LOVE. This can help you build and surround yourself with an army of LOVE. When being an example of a beautiful rose yourself, you will create a bouquet. 


LOVE: The order of Love and Success to reach master level balance:


  1. Your Foundation: The Dirt, will always be around... this is YOURSELF. That is why loving yourself first and creating a strong foundation will help you become a master and balance your life. Regardless of how many times you have hit your Restart Button and “Planted yourself again” you have to love yourself first. For me, pride and hobbies are my foundation to loving myself and this is why I have so many hobbies that make my foundation stronger every time I practice them. Golfing, Bowling, Ping Pong, Working out, Baseball, Hockey, Shooting, Painting, you name it, I pride myself in all of them. What is your hobby that can bring a smile to your face everyday? Video games and makeup tutorials work for this as long as you genuinely feel happy.


  1. The Thorny Stem: Each thorn is significant in your life and part of your journey... The OBSTACLES. Either you can cut your stem and restart or you can embrace your thorn proudly and continue to grow stronger. Standing taller and stronger can be easily done when you truly feel LOVE for yourself and know everything will be okay. If you find yourself not embracing your thorns easily, try to strengthen your foundation. Understand that other people experience thorns themselves and are there for help. Embracing your thorns take an incredible amount of Confidence, Self Awareness, and Humbleness to understand that everything will be okay. My two big thorns for just 2018 alone were great examples of how I could accept that it happened and could just move on while still listening to my heart, was first, me and my wife splitting during our engagement and having to fight for each other back, and second, rolling over my SUV on the icy Montana highway with my entire family inside including my dog Peeve and almost dying. We overcame both of these thorns by working as a family to grow from them and strengthening our family Rose. My Wife and I got married July 21st, 2018. 


3. The Blossoming Beautiful Rose: SUCCESS in LOVING YOURSELF & OTHERS, making money, learning, and staying fit. This is the point of your life you can Celebrate and help share the word of your success to others and build a bouquet of other grounded individuals along side you. Love your significant other, family, and socialize with friends always after loving yourself. The truth to this is to always remember that you need to keep your foundation strong. Water and feed your rose consistently. Accept if “Weather comes in”, your peddles fall off and you grow another thorn. This is the time for you to decide whether you want to grow taller and stronger or wilt and start over. Don’t give up and push forward.


Loving and Strengthening your foundation for yourself and others is the most important part to master while growing a strong well balanced rose and bouquet, don’t rush it. If you just rush up to just being a strong thorny fit and healthy rose with lots of pedals of knowledge and money, you will eventually have to Restart anyways because you will feel  empty and lonely, so why not try to be balanced in all stages right now?



Second, Feeding and Strengthening yourself


If you don’t know me already, I am a fitness knowledge consumer and executer 3-5 days a week. This sounds like something I would put on my resume, but simply means I “lift things up and set them down sometimes” and don’t eat shit throughout my day. I learn trends and new workouts to perform to keep and stay consistently healthy and fit without getting bored, injured, or plateaued.


FITNESS is science based and extremely important with strengthening your Rose’s stem out of your foundation. Knowledge should come first before executing fitness to ensure you are feeding your rose properly and not blindly. You will need to already have a strong foundation with LOVE so there is something to even be fed. This will motivate you and inspire you to consistently focus on FITNESS. When I am not motivated to going to the gym or eating crap, I tend to understand that I am not loving as strongly as I should and fix that first before forcing myself back in the gym. From this you can tell who in this world truly love themselves by their body being their resume or if they are trying to do what they can in the fitness world. Everyone I do know can avoid crap food so don’t challenge me.


Growing up I was always the smallest, but always the most active. I could run the fastest and was always chosen first in team events because of my competitiveness and talent. When reaching high school however, I was humbled for the first time in the world of sports. I wasn’t chosen first mainly because I wasn’t tall freshmen year. I would still make the Varsity team in Golf, Baseball, and Hockey, but it was such a hard struggle to get past the politics of not being big enough and my parents not being on the booster team and buying my spot. Yes, that was a subtle jab at who started in front of me in baseball my freshmen and sophomore year in high school. Regardless I wanted to change this and started working out a lot more knowledgeable and consistently to help me overcome this.


I started lifting heavier weights  after graduating high school and dieting a lot better in college. This was the first time one of my best friend’s inspired me to better myself in Fitness and mentored me to seeing results by pushing me to go to the gym, pushing me at the gym, and when eating. Through his knowledge and pushing me to execute, I added him to my foundation and truly appreciated his guidance. He was always there for any question I had when working out or dieting. His resume was his body, and lets just say he won 1st place in physique two times in a row when he only competed two times. Ya, buff.


Feeding your rose is important to perform daily. That brings me to the BALANCED LIFE OF FITNESS and why you should follow to become a beautiful “Nourished and fed” rose:


 I chose power lifting and active cardio. Hiking, hockey, and climbing were and still are my main sources of cardio as running and stationary biking is super boring to me. I start my workouts with active stretches (Dynamic), maybe some yoga, and compound workouts. Then, towards the end of my workouts I focus on isolated workouts specific to each muscle I’m focusing on for that day and end with holding stretches (Static) to prevent injury. 


Dieting is simple to me, don’t eat shit. Plain and simple. Knowledge of what to avoid is important and avoid those things on a regular basis. Honestly, I don’t do well with diets working in the Hospitality Industry, but I know what not to eat everyday. Don’t eat processed shit as much as possible, don’t eat sugar, watch your portions, and do things in moderation (Caffeine, Drinking, Carbs, etc.). If you want to lose access fat, try Keto, Vegan, Elimination, or Intermittent fasting plus cardio. The mindset alone of being on a diet will help you achieve results. Being knowledgeable and interested in diet trends will make fitness more fun for you and the people around you. Be open to listening people out.


In the fitness world things change often and fast. Always be learning, listen to others, and perform it weekly. This can keep a spark going for you and help create an amazing habit that is a fitness mindset.  


Over time, working out and dieting, however you please while LOVING, will create:




This will help you recover faster, build strength physically, help with stress, anxiety, strengthen mental health, and set a much stronger foundation to your rose. Once you feel balanced with fitness and consistently keep performing and achieving for months and years, you have become a MASTER of FITNESS. This will help you build and surround yourself with a FIT army of people thus, stay motivated. By being an example of a beautiful “nourished and fed” rose you can create a more powerful bouquet.



FITNESS: The order of Fitness and Success to reach master BALANCE is:


  1. “Feeding” Your Foundation: The Dirt , will always be supporting so make it Stronger... WORKOUT and DIET. That is why loving yourself first and creating a strong foundation with LOVE is an important first step before working on your Fitness. If you don’t love yourself why would you even start caring about your health? Regardless of how many times you have hit your Restart Button and “Planted yourself again” remember it doesn’t matter as long as you care to live stronger and live a longer more impactful life to yourself. This could prevent illness so you don’t need hospitals to coat or fix problems. For me, fitness is a lifestyle and a necessity to my life.                                   What is holding you back from your fitness goals and how can you overcome them?


  1. “Feeding” The Thorny Stem: Fitness will help you grow in between the thorns with confidence and strength so keep it interesting... STAYING ACTIVE always. Obstacles will come up and try to hurt your motivation to stay fit. You can even have thorns in Fitness such as gym membership costs, injury, sickness to name a few. Remember to push through and move on stronger with more nourishment from the sun, excuse free. The best way for me to stay consistent and not bored is to change my workout or active hobbies. Accept other people’s thorns when trying to motivate fitness on them and know the whole truth of the people you inspire to be. “Not having enough time” however is not a thorn to why you can’t workout or diet and is just  laziness, an excuse, and a side effect of not having a strong foundation.


3. The Blossoming “Fed” Beautiful Rose: SUCCESS in FITNESS. This is the point of your life you can Celebrate because you are strong physically, internally, and mentally. Help share the word of your natural success to others and build a bouquet of other grounded strong  individuals along side you. The truth to this is to always remember though that you need to keep being strong, water your rose, and Love. Accept if “Weather comes in”, your peddles fall off and you grow another thorn out of nowhere in fitness that sets you back, push forward and decide whether you want to grow taller and stronger or wilt and start over.   


Fitness and Feeding your rose will make you strong and confident. Use this as a resume for yourself because it typically means you love yourself and that you are committed to strong growth in your life. Unless of course you take steroids or cheat...

The fitness world can be scary, but let me help you with the reality of it


Diets are the main focus when looking to become healthy and can be as simple as stop eating the shit you know you are eating and saying you can’t help it, because you can. Usually you think you can’t stop because you are stressing out and overthinking it. I hope I can help simplify it with all the knowledge I have learned from the experts, here is what I have learned and what has helped me not over complicate it and living a happy life of balance and not stress with my health. Sneak Peeks...


If you like these, check out for more at:




Diet trend “experts” try to market you their products with the WebMD approach I like to call it. Make you scared and fearful enough to buy.  



Don’t be naive to marketing stunts. I could name the most popular symptoms of tiredness and sell you something as well.  

Third, Watering and Empowering a Single Rose


Through all good, evil, and fame is money and most definitely not what justifies “success”. Look at the “successful” wealthy people out there and get to know their regrets on their death bed, they mostly refer to not being loving enough and not being healthy...


Two examples come to mind: 


Steve Jobs: obviously wealthy, admitted unhappy.

Warren Buffett: obviously wealthy, diet = legendary “terrible” status, but still alive. Lucky.


A balanced GROWTH example is someone who grows with knowledge, wealth, freedom, and has experienced a lot in life. To be balanced around work is to have time to spend on loving yourself, others, and while sparing time to workout and eat properly while reading and listening to other peoples knowledge. Receiving money as a result of doing so is a good side effect to being balanced as a complete package. 


I can give a thousand examples of how I have made career changes because I was spending too much time away from my family, friends, & health and was being consumed by work. I’m not sure who thinks that the amount of time you spend working on something is the only way you can measure productivity and success, efficiency and effectiveness can be way more important to producing results while retaining employees. Also, with being more effective in your work environment the more you feel you have impacted something. Delegation can help this by delegating tasks that you don’t like doing to others who are good at them, so that you can free up more time to do things that you are amazing and talented at. This is what I do today, I partner with companies that can produce things for me to make money, I delegate tasks to managers to help run businesses, I delegate chores at home, etc. Being efficient creates time to complete a balanced lifestyle. 


That brings me to the BALANCE OF GROWTH and why you have to do it exactly in this order to become a fed “hydrated” beautiful rose:


GROW yourself first, listen to your heart, and continue to be knowledgeable in health and fitness. Always be relevant in the news, social media, sports, business trends, health news, investments hot topics, books, podcasts, etc. There are so many apps that can help you get all this information on the fly everyday. These days things change so fast, but continue to be interesting and relevant so that you can network with your army or bouquet. For example in my life I have made thousands of dollars in the restaurant industry through experience, education on the college level, leading, and adapting to trends. When I feel like the restaurant industry is consuming me then I create a side business like painting houses on the side in the summer, creating apps, property manager, apparel companies, invest, etc. and quit if I have to and move on so that I don’t become a salary slave to my employer or investors.  


With patience, knowledge, and dedication to learning and creating streams of income while LOVING and being HEALTHY, you will create:


GROWTH, HAPPINESS, and LEADERSHIP SKILLS. You will become an absolute triple threat.


This will help you conquer any obstacle that presents itself throughout life. Once you feel balanced doing all of these without thinking about it, you have become a MASTER of LIFE and can finally influence others fully by being in control and self aware. This will help you build and surround yourself with an army of GROWTH mentors, students, and partners. By being an example of a well fed “hydrated” beautiful rose yourself and a complete package, you will create a gigantic powerful bouquet of beautiful roses all around you.


The order of Growth and Success to reach master BALANCE is:


  1. “Watering” and feeding Your Foundation: The Dirt, will always be around, but remember not to drown it with arrogance... KNOWLEDGE is key. That is why loving yourself first, becoming very strong, and containing a lot of information to learn from the Masters of success will help you gain some of the most powerful knowledge of someone who has already done it. Regardless of how many times you have hit your Restart Button and “Planted yourself again” remember it doesn’t matter as long as you are growing and living. For me, love first, health second, and the freedom to do both and be financial free is the goal here. I believe somebody should always have a steady secure job, a side hustle, and a bunch of investments, no matter how big or small. Plan for a retirement fund (Safe), financially freedom fund (Risky) and dream lottery fund (Extra risky) to set yourself up. How are you exercising your money and spending it? Are you investing money on something that can help you make more or donating? 


  1. “Watering” and feeding The Thorny Stem: Each thorn is significant in your life and part of your journey... FINANCIAL STRUGGLES are bound to happen. Either you can replant and restart yourself, cut your thorn off and move on in the shadows, or embrace your thorn proudly and move on stronger with more nourishment from the sun. If making money was easy then everyone would have a lot of it. There are always ups and downs, but planning option A, B, and C with the money you have will continue your success. Accept other people’s thorns. Embracing your thorns takes an intense amount of Confidence, Self Awareness, and Humbleness! I have failed time after time with money and have closed down two restaurants and that might sound scary, but it is not when you are balanced. The truth of the matter is, how will you get back up after you fail? Will you just stay down and give up or will you push forward and learn from your experience and grow? From failure I usually have two successes following, some big and some small. You have to enjoy failures as much as you do successes. Learning from other people’s failures can also save you a lot of money. Learning what not to do is equal or greater to learning what to do.


3. “Watering” and feeding The Blossoming Beautiful Rose: you made it! SUCCESS in GROWTH. This is the point of your life where you tell me to shut up because you are already Celebrating and help share the word of your success to others and build a bouquet of other grounded individuals along side you because you focus on love and fitness. Remember you need to keep the foundation strong, water it often, and feed  properly. Accept if “Weather comes in”, your peddles fall off and you grow another thorn out of nowhere to bounced back more effectively. This is the time for you to decide whether you want to grow taller and stronger or wilt and start over.


Growing and Watering yourself with knowledge & wealth can be the toughest. It can be monetarily tracked and stare you in the face everyday you pay bills. Money is important, hints why it causes wars, stress, and power. It is not everything though if your looking for eternal happiness. You cannot be balanced and just be rich so focus on the complete package. Money can be inherited, won, or gifted for stupid reasons, this gives lazy people hope. For sustainability look for balance and knowledge to attain your wealth.

Types of Situations that test your Rose the fullest: Lots of Monetary Wealth


You are rich, full of wealth and knowledge, proud of your health results, and loving to yourself and others around you... Now what do you do?


When you are RICH and full, complete, and a balanced rose, you are giving a lot of value to others through entertainment or knowledge and now you can leverage off being noticed and make money a lot more easier than before. You can hire people to do the things that are time slaves to your day so that you can focus on more on love and health, since you can’t have enough of either of those, but if your balanced you know that you can have enough money...


Being that money can lead to evil, be careful of becoming a “Lilly Pad”. Forgetting about your stem journey, health, thorns, yourself, others, and everything else can be easy when your rich. To stay where your at now, full of happiness, love, health, and lots of money, remember what lead you along your journey to help you see ultimate success and balance. If you happen to forget it can create a Lilly pad effect where you have to start over with your foundation since life can be too easy at this level. For more longevity of your full and complete balanced life, full of financial freedom, love, and health think about and reflect how you achieved it. Share with others your journey and what situations you have learned to get where you are right now to build a strong bouquet. Invest your wealth in three buckets like they all say so that you can plan for not only right now, but your continuous future. Compartmentalize your money to organize what can be used for investments that are risky, semi-risky, and not risky. 


Also, save money for trips around the world, things that can build experiences for yourself and the people you choose to be happy with. Donate your time and money to people who are going through the same journey you have gone through knowing how hard it can be after thorns to just start over. Make time for planning a diet and times to workout a week. Most importantly, now that you are rich and probably more famous time is limited, so plan times to spend with loved ones and times to spend for yourself, don’t be an ass.


Types of Situations that test your Rose the fullest: Hardship & Obstacles


You have experienced an obstacle and a thorn in your journey, what do you do now?


This is situational based, but of course the outcome should always be the same which is push forward, accept it for what it is, and move on. Some situations are of course a lot harder to just push forward and sometimes you will have to grieve for a death thorn, which is okay. When you love yourself, love others around you, are knowledgeable, and healthy, you can overcome more obstacles a lot quicker than others. I believe this 100% because through all of my crazy thorns I have always accepted it as soon as possible knowing that it sucks, but that I can’t do anything to change it to not suck and the only solution to my sadness is to accept it and move forward. Of course while doing this, it is not as easy as over night but a process of how you feel with people and without, with being busy or not busy, night time or day time for me at least. All I could do at the moments of depression and anxiety was to soak it in and accepted it knowing it wouldn’t last a continuous “forever”. When balanced and truly loving myself, I would push through thorns a lot faster while kicking ass. 


Example of Thorns include: 

  • Break-ups, Financial un-stability, Sick & Weak, Car accident, Drug or Alcohol probs, Etc.


Examples of Thorn balance:

  • Patience while Accepting the thorns as something you can’t control anymore.

  • Focusing on things you CAN control like your foundation, Strength, and learning knowledge to overcome the thorn and grow stronger from it.


Just push through and learn how to live in the present moment. Accept that you can’t change anything once a thorn has grown and it has already happened. Push Forward and have patience to the blossoming of your rose. It will be beautiful with your unique journey and create a great story of strength to overcome it.



Types of Situations that test your Rose the fullest: Starting Over


Through all parts of life you can just start to care or restart your journey focus if you think you are unbalanced all together. This is fine and the beginning to something awesome. If you start to love yourself better you will start loving the people around you better. Once you start loving more, you will start caring more about your health with dieting and working out more. Just start to pay attention to these things. Once you love and become more healthy, you will start learning things a lot more easier because you are more motivated to better your life. You will feel confident and motivated to change the things you want to and start appreciating things a lot more. 


With self awareness, caring, and humbleness, you can start these steps and become more balanced within a week. If you stay on track and continue your focus, give yourself a month to see change. From this you will be a better and more efficient worker and learn more passionately. 


Sometimes something very traumatic will happen and you can spiral downward. This is the best time to accept something and restart it. Start again by focusing 80% of your energy on just loving yourself. The other 20% of your energy and time and be focused on doing jumping jacks and watching the news or whatever you prefer. Once you have figured and started loving yourself subconsciously, then move on to 60% loving yourself, 30% focus on fitness with watching more closely on what you eat, but not having to meal prep or say your on a diet and figure out how you can workout at least 3 days a week, and 10% focus on money and knowledge. Once you love yourself and becoming fitness minded, switch to a 50% love, 30% fit, and 20% wealth of your time and energy. 


Lets break it down by hours, for example you have 10 hours to focus. Spend 3 hours doing hobbies and thinking about you and your happiness 2 hours loving others and spending quality time with them. Spend 1 hour working out and close to 40 minutes figuring out something healthy to eat. Spend 1 hour learning or reading a book and 1 hour of hard work or working on a side hustle. The time around the 10 hours of focus can leave 7 hours to your J.O.B. which puts food on the table and gives benefits to you and your family & 7 hours of sleep. This is my idea of a balanced day plus & minus some hours.

Be Consistent and Creative to Executing habits & not give Excuses


Whole Nuggets, My Unique and Wonderful Journey

Austin Pray   

This is how I am unique following the same formula as all other success figures 

Austin Pray 

By now you probably know that planting a rose starts with grounding the seeds, planting it in the foundation of dirt, watering and hydrating the seeds, and feeding them with the proper sunlight. With continuous love, strength, and growth the rose will blossom to become a beautiful rose and then you can add flowers to your foundation.


To summarize:


  1. FOUNDATION: Loving yourself is step #1. Step #2 is Working out and Dieting because you care for your health. Step #3 is knowledge and learning always to complete your strong foundation and base of life. You have to have a strong base before you start to grow and become a blossoming rose. Everything in the Foundation stage can all be done today and right now.


  1. THE THORNY STEM: Thorns are going to poke you and hurt along the journey, accept them and grow big and strong from them. Step #4 is working through the Obstacles of love. After loving yourself and completing Step #2 & #3 through the process of life you will most likely have hardships along the way. Learn how to accept  the things that happen and live in the present moment to move on from them and not cutting your stem and starting over at step #1. Step #5 is staying active  regardless of what is going on. This could be doing curls if you broke your leg, running if you gained 30 pounds, hiking and playing team sports, etc. and always keeping somewhat of a diet of not eating crap. Step #6 is learning through financial struggles like being tight on cash to pay your bills, not being able to do things that you want to, or invest with the opportunity comes up. It is easy to blame “well I don’t have enough capital to start” when in reality you can partner with someone or find investors. You can also start businesses with no money or very little money down. NO EXCUSES to why you can’t move forward past these thorns to grow big and strong.


  1. BLOSSOMING ROSE: Roses are beautiful, gain a lot of attention, smell nice, and win! Completing the balance of all of the above 1-6 steps and adding people to your foundation to make it stronger and start your bouquet, you can begin step #7 where you Love yourself and become a happy genuine person with patience and motivation. Start loving people in public and loving your significant others selflessly. Step #8 is where you start seeing results, stamina, and strength. People are noticing and most  importantly you are noticing your health increase, have natural energy and focus, and be mentally in control and self aware of who you are with confidence. Step #9 is completing everything with balance listed above and beginning your badass growth of success, knowledge, and money. This is why this is the hardest for everyone to become, Rich, because you have to be everything plus really knowledgeable and smart... If you complete all 9 steps you will be untouchable hands down. You will be happy because you already love yourself by doing hobbies and accepting who you are. Your foundation will be the most strong it has ever been and you will stand straight up. You will be financially free, fit and healthy, and love yourself and the others around you daily. By this time you should have a huge bouquet of roses surrounding you with no limits to how big it can become with no problem. If you have any questions with any of the steps or you are wanting to grow taller with more fuller beautiful pedals, you can ask at any moment throughout the day and these people will be accessible to helping you out. If someone in your bouquet grows a thorn, you should be there for them so they don’t have to cut themselves down and start over as well. 


“Don’t follow the heard, always take investing serious and keep emotions out of it. Don’t be the hero but guide people. If your both trying to be the hero you will have conflict. Find Solutions to the physical problem, the Internal Problem, and the philosophical problem in one transaction or one company or story. Fail Fast and appreciate the process and journey of it. Balance your life by thinking big and acting small. Find your treasure. Live in the present moment and don’t try to change the things you can’t to stay happy and balanced. Be effective and efficient when working and don’t over work yourself. Observe the competition and emulate them so that you can get to the same level quickly. Customers are important so treat them all nicely so that they will tell their friends, and ALWAYS see the whole truth in any given situation. An opinion is just a relative truth and those that have so many opinions have an ego problem without knowing the whole truth to both sides of the story. Ego’s will get in the way of balance, know how to push forward”


Learn how to build off of each step of the balanced life. Think of a “SEE-SAW” when thinking about balance and your rose. When thorns become present make sure that your see-saw isn’t just stuck on the floor, learn how to equal them all out during tough times so that you can feel invincible. Also, with marriage and family comes a lot of balancing at home. If you are not balanced and helping each other out, you will soften your foundation. You have to make time for yourself and also help your significant others do the same. If things frustrate you around the house, figure out how to level out the see-saw. Do things without wanting favors in return. When you don’t do favors selflessly, they become toxic to you and the people around you. Just saying this from experience...

“Good artists COPY. Great artists STEAL.” -Picasso  

The Wheel 

When talking shop or trying to influence others, I always try to challenge peoples opinions with the other side of the whole truth because I feel like this brings a more memorable, impactful conversation, and helps me feel more than a sheep. Doing this I can understand who and what I’m getting myself into and if I even want to do business with that organization. When I’m going through an interview to either get employed or employ someone I understand that to hire anybody you have to persuade someone to believe they see the business’s mission statement & brand and they will help make the company more money, efficiently & as effectively as possible by doing their job and to help grow the brand. 


This all being said, we all know how the wheel should turn. In business, life, fitness, how to attain knowledge, how love works, etc. the wheel all turns the same. The Journey however for every person, business, or brand is all unique and different. Some Journeys can be similar, but not any Journey can be the exact same. 


The reference to the re-creation of the wheel brings a lot of metaphors to life and success just like the beautiful blossoming of a rose. To get a wheel on a car to turn you need energy and momentum. To keep a wheel turning you need continuous energy and momentum. When the wheel hits a bump with enough energy and momentum it will continue to keep turning. The wheel needs to turn left and right to get to the destination. When the wheel stops turning however it either is because it broke down, needs to get fixed, and/or restarted OR the wheels have reached its destination and will continue to keep turning after being done at that destination. 


My main focus is not to re-create the wheel that works, but to explain what I have learned along my journey so far. All the information I have presented in this was in some form information I have aggregated from many other sources while I am not re-creating the wheel. This is done time after time with public figures and mainly on social media. Most of what this lacks is people actually being naive to think these are original thoughts of the individuals that are putting the “grind” on. The reality to most of these individuals are that people can be cheating with steroids, inherited money or a business like a lottery, or be insanely good looking with natural abs, and so forth. From books, podcasts, audio books, mentors, influencers, etc. I have learned a lot about other people’s formula that they have figured out along their journey. One thing that always disconnected me from them is they have an easy life now, and now they are influencing others talking about their journey, but why don’t people talk about their journey while they are struggling? Why don’t people think they are impactful as a single balanced rose and can only be influential when they reach the full boutique? This is what I am trying to prove, that you can be happy with just balance as a single rose. I am writing this without anybody really knowing who I am because I want to relate with normal people as I just wanted to learn in a normal tone, not a “DO IT NOW OR YOU SUCK” drill sergeant way of ordering. 


Everyone has the same formula regardless if they know it or not, the way however they project, relay, or announce their journey can be very unique and what makes me genuinely love people and talking to them. I tend to retract from people who try to persuade in a business tone marketing naive people and people who lack humility like a robot. I fear people who tragically lack humility with people ironically in most power positions like politics, some CEO’s, and the judicial system. They become robots, because they have to be, and this can be clearly observed with their lack of smiles and emotion. 


We know how wheels should work, how they turn, and how they continue to go, but if you don’t, read a book, observe things closer, humble yourself and contact someone who does get it, or think deeply throughout the entirety of this article. The wheels need to always be turning with energy and momentum. 

Do not re-create the wheel, just turn it better than the wheel your trying to replicate. 



Knowing who you are, how you act, and understanding where you came from


Self Awareness is important and the most balanced people are good examples of. Being self aware is humbling down and knowing why you suck at something and not scared to change it. Understand the situations you were put through during your journey or thorny experience. We all have different stories of hardship and praise in our own journey. Embrace them, accept them, and understand what it has done to us, positively and negatively, so that you can overcome the negative things with positivity.


For example, I have wonderful parents, not “perfect” but imperfectly perfect. They have always been supportive and never have forced me to do anything. Everything was my choice and backed up by them which I loved. I loved the challenge to receive praise from them genuinely, while I think my siblings took advantage of the freedom at first. I have wonderful siblings and they taught me what not to do most of the time, but really just taught me what kind of friends not to hang out with. Being blessed to be the youngest and learning through observation was an amazing learning curve for me. I stayed in sports to have structure and a leader figure like coaches away from my dad when he was at work so I would not lead to the same things my siblings got into. 


I learned all at a young age what break-ups looked like, what divorce was, what broken hearts were, what parties were, what a life of hard work will bring to you, what happiness & sadness looked like, what complacency lived up to be, what gold digging brought, what power of sales/ manipulation rewarded, and how naiveness could be destructive to the blind of people believing opinions over the whole truth of stories. I learned that my mom was the entertainer/ creative and that my dad was the smart/ punctual badass. I learned that our genes were strong, but when neglected can turn to big pot bellies. I learned that my family were excuse driven and gave up easy on executing their ideas. 


By learning these things and knowing I wanted to grow exponentially, I knew that when I acted like my parents during my relationship I would step back a little and balance my Love and selflessly try to change it regardless of the outcome or who’s fault it was because I don’t want to fail and not be able to say I tried everything. By learning these things I knew that there is a time and place for a good time with friends and family and that is not everyday. By learning these things I knew that I should learn something from everyone I come in contact with. Knowing that everyone has a different journey, but same purpose and knowing both sides to the story or being the expert in both sides actually helps you combat your emotions when debating with someone about something and in theory will when when you understand where they are coming from and not being a know it all. I learned that I can be entertaining and creative in situations, but also be very smart and punctual with brilliant plans for execution. I learned that if I don’t act now with my fitness I could potentially have a body that I would not approve of or damage my health. I learned that I will always have doubt and excuses to why I am not executing my ideas, but that is why I have built a bouquet of like minded individuals who can help me push through. 


I love my family to death, but I knew I wanted to be the black sheep and fight against these things and spotlight all the many strengths and power genes I inherited from my badass ancestors and parents. I can proudly say I am a happy mix of all my dad and mom’s best traits through becoming self aware to these things, dumping the bad, and not being shy to expose them to help with the hard truths of life. Learn from your parents first. 


When you can understand from your main roots, learn about the generic Pre-Conditions we all have inherited through our ancestors. How we process food, evolve through natural selections and strong genes becoming attractive like big booties for wide baby barring hips, food for children through women’s big breasts, strong males for protection, long hair and nails for obvious health, bigger brains for adapting better and more efficiently, scared of standing out and being ostracized from your “tribe” and dying from starvation, and so forth. 


There are a lot of examples of why we do some of the things we do today and some of the things we think about. For a specific example, our bodies function still to this day for survival purposes. We listen and are interested only in things that will help us survive or that will make life easier. We listen to people who will help us live longer through health and fitness, live more wealthy and stress free with new business ventures, and listen to people to have the secrets to love so that we can re-produce and build families. Also, I have learned that we are so addicted to sugar because way back when, we would consume corn and fruits for a quick energy glucose kick to push us through and survive specific tasks when we were calorie deficient. Now a days though, it is so easy to attain food and sugar (mainly processed sugar) that we are in theory overdosing and overstimulating on micro levels. We don’t want to stand out by challenging other people’s ideas or thoughts because we don’t want to be disowned or disliked by someone we think will help us survive down the road, hints why most of us hate public speaking. Judgment is the feeling of fear of dis-ownership and kicked out of the group to defend for ourselves. We fear failure so much because we fear the “Oregon Trail” or the journey that is not predicted and could make us poor, sick, or fail. Today, we have so many opportunities and technology to help us achieve things so much easier to bounce back from failures that it is okay to be scared, but to know that you are balanced enough to accept it and move on to plan B, or C. 


Let’s phase this out by keeping it simple and remind you that balance is very important and that is why everyone says it. I’m not re-creating the wheel, I’m just laying it out of how it works for me everyday even without making millions of dollars.


Today, life can be very complicating and hard to figure out, just remember when there becomes a thorn in your life stick to your foundation and love yourself. It will help. Know that things happen for a reason and you can call these metaphors whatever you want but it should always start with a sturdy foundation of love, strong stem of health and fitness, and a beautiful blossoming flower from knowledge wealth and BALANCE. 


When you are balanced in each step you become untouchable even when thorns grow. You will understand an actual good opportunity and not just join pyramid schemes thinking you could win a lottery over night with your self awareness, confidence, and not being naive to how the world actually works. You will fight for the people that mean the most to you and will focus on your health because you love life. I know you can give me examples of how people win the lottery and the doctors can mask things pretty well these days, but its not a good retirement plan when you can control the things you can a lot more balanced. Balanced lives will help you be more aware of the bullshit that flys around you 24/7 on your mobile device, tv, billboards, friends, and accomplices.  

If you have questions contact me, if you need a push, check out: 


Reset your Rose today if you don’t feel balanced. There is never a better time then right now to execute anything & create a bouquet.

BONUS, My Perfectly-Imperfect Life of Balance


You can complete most of your important balance challenges daily as long as you keep them simple and a priority. For just starting out it’s fine to stretch out within a week to do everything. I realistically can fill balanced in just three days of hard focus a week if I grind hard enough and stay balanced. Unfortunately, j.o.b’s require time to get paid, dependents require time for nurturing and care, and different situations require different amounts of attention, so there is not much wiggle room around that. Owning your own business or managing your own schedule can be a solution to this, but can be very difficult to make your full time gig at first a livable income. Unless you leverage a handout or gift from someone. Also, not having kids or dependents would help free time, but what is the fun with that? Three mindsets you should practice a week. Creating Habits, Creates Success.


CHALLENGE, PERSISTENCE: Be Realistic. Example of well balance weeks for me include at least one INTENSE day, one FOCUS day, and one STRENGTHENING day: 


INTENSE: Waking up the Earliest than any other day of the week and get right to it. I start with my intense day on Monday, but you don’t have to start with your first day being Monday. The reason for me is I like to be in sync with the world and the structure that most abide by for scheduling, babysitters, and for consistency reasons. Also, managing restaurants for the most of my life, this is the day every employer wants to get inventory, purchasing, and all organization done. This is just an example of my day and if you want to challenge yourself I would recommend it. You obviously don’t have to do it step by step or the same way, but simulate it for your own personality type.

  1. I drink a coffee and I perform a “fasted” workout probably with Chest and Triceps to burn off the weekend calories for the first challenge to give me energy throughout my day. (Fitness Workout)

  2. I drink a protein shake because I just fasted so I can fuel enough nutrients and eat a butt ton of eggs and some type of protein. (Fitness Diet)

  3. I then plan my focus on my family and see what I can do to make their life easier by going to the grocery store, cleaning the house, pick up paisley after work or finishing a small project. This is usually just a plan so I don’t forget at the end of the day. (Love)

  4. I usually go to work from 8am to about 4pm on Monday’s. At work I try to lead and grow myself and my team for the week to set up and plan for success. (Growth Wealth)

  5. After work I go to the range to practice my golf swing or shooting, play ping pong with Coach Charles, or perform an Active Hobby to ground myself with happiness for about an hour (Love Yourself)

  6. I Eat a Healthy well balanced Dinner with the Family and genuinely connect with their day, can even play with the kiddo (Love and Health)

  7. I set time to plan my success for tomorrow, read or attain knowledge, and work another 2-4 hours on a passion project for me to see how much I can execute. (Growth)

  8. Reading to the kiddo before putting her to bed and spending quality time with the family before bed is important to me and the strength of my love (Love)

  9. Winding down and relaxing before bed usually consists of me catching up with the world like family members on FaceTime, talking to friends, watching some tv, reading the news or catching up with sports. (Growth and Love)


I’m most productive at night to retaining and planning my success for the continuing success to my week and this is always a insanely busy day for me by choice. If I can’t get it done on Monday I try to at least have One INTENSE balance day. 


FOCUS: I start my focus day during the middle of the week. This helps me focus on what I need to focus on for the remainder of the week or have to change. I start to evaluate if I’m being consumed by something and need to restart for the day in a specific stage. I try to be very ZEN this day with Yoga, a team active hobby of some sort, and bond with my daughter with a good father daughter bonding moment.


  1. Usually a slower start to my day since I know I’m not a creature of “specific military” habits. I have to change it up every once in a while to stay motivated. That being said, I still go workout usually after eating a healthy breakfast and workout back and biceps. Right when I get to the gym and since today is focused on Zen, I do extensive Yoga or massage to warm up the muscles and go into deep thought. I also get a good audio book going for this workout. (Health)

  2. Once again, I eat a bunch of food after I workout for fuel in a fast environment of a restaurant and go to work. Of course I will always make time to take paisley to the  babysitter’s house or whatever needs to be done. It is okay if things happen, don’t stress change. I like to set a goal for the day to challenge myself to achieve. This could be a goal to up sell more at work, train staff members to get to a certain level, or any work related business goal. This is also creating side hustle business goals as well and trying to achieve them by the end of the day. This could include contacting someone, meeting with someone, writing something, reading something to learn how to do it better, or taking an online course. The best part of wealth is that you can always grow and never get bored. (Wealth)

  3. Loving on a Zen and Focus day is easy because it is my foundation and my main focus. I will do whatever makes me happy for the day and share the positive energy with others. I usually play on a hockey team in the middle of the week, but if I don’t, I like to go play an actual round of golf with a friend, or do something with the loved ones up in the mountains. Doing an active hobby with others is important to practice. (Love)


STRENGTHENING: Towards the end of the week I will make sure I wrap everything up. If I am extremely unbalanced and unhealthy I will figure out what it is that I can focus all day on. If I’m struggling to pay bills, I will try to strengthen my side hustles or figure out how to make more for the next week, If I didn’t do any hobbies or love my family as purely as I wanted, I will strengthen that today for it to become better for the weekend. If I didn’t work out or was sick all week, I will figure out a wonderful game plan. 

1. On the strengthening day I try to focus all my “extra” energy on the one thing that I     need to focus on to balance out my life. Sometimes it takes more than a day to strengthen, so a plan for the next week or the next month on that one thing is important. If you find yourself feeling your unbalanced in everything and need to restart, start with figuring out how you can love yourself again and start over. Plant your seed, love and grow. I will always  Workout probably Legs and shoulder on my Strengthening day, still Love, and still Work, but focusing on strengthening the unbalanced piece is dedicated to this day. Creating a plan of attack is important and executing it. Accept the part that sucks or the thorn in your stem and move on. Strengthening day is important to becoming more balanced everyday.

Habit forming

Daily Routine

Forming habits everyday is very important to continuing a balanced lifestyle. I believed being balanced with being pay check to paycheck can be the most real thing to observe. You always look at someone that is so genuinely happy and seem balanced without having much, and always ask how? For me as a middle class pay check to pay check hustler (for now) I follow the daily routine to stay balanced by:


LOVING: My favorites are to Meditate, Listen to Music on the way to where I’m going, go golfing, or lay in bed with the family and relax. 


  • Give me an example of someone who hates them-self that is balanced, look super fit, super smart,  eat healthy, and that makes a lot of money... If your answer is nobody, then you are correct. It is impossible. If you love yourself then you become very confident and are able to take risks. Enjoying your own company and being comfortable in your own skin will help you want to be successful in everything else. When you love yourself, you become genuine when loving others.


DIET & WORKOUT: My favorites are Keto diets mixed with intermittent fasting and my favorite workout muscles are chest, bicep, and legs of course. Right after I love myself and others for either an hour or five minutes after I wake up, it doesn’t matter.


  • When you love yourself and the people around you, it will be easier to be healthy and focused. When you love yourself you will be patient with results and not cheat by hurting your body for the long term. Dieting and Working out is simple, just getting there takes a lot of confidence and discipline, usually displayed by everyone who love themselves.
    KNOWLEDGE & MONEY: I usually am involved in the restaurant industry of some sort from managing, owning, to consulting, while owning side hustles and investing always.


  • To be confident and look the part, it is clear that you care to create value and sell it with the knowledge you have learned while caring about your balanced life. This is what employers and clients look for in everyone who makes money. FOLLOW THESE STEPS.

Using your resources


People always say “It’s who you know” which is indeed true. You can’t win a war without an army and you can’t be an army by yourself. You have to be interesting regardless if you want to be or not. The reason you listen to anybody is you feel they are giving you value. If you are in denial you will think otherwise. For laughter, for ethical value, for valuable entertainment, or for knowledge, you have to have “legs” to run with. Whenever you pitch an Idea to someone, they will reference your idea with having legs, which means you give value to a problem with your solution. Run with it and see if you can make it blossom.  


APPS on your phone: That is why I have apps on my phone to simplify my life and make it a little more easier to grasp while staying relevant and extremely interesting. I look through most all everyday.


The apps change frequently, but the dedication to growth and knowledge stays the same. From the left side of my phone screen I put my favorite social media apps and entertainment to keep me relevant in people’s lives. The Second column going right is the apps that can help me make money, interview, or market. The Third column is the apps that keep me updated with “the Roman circus” that is going on in the world. The distractions as you will to the important things in life, but entertaining and helps you seem smart. The quick news outlets with minor bias on political stances like “theSkimm”, the sports news, with my personal favorite “Barstool” because of the humor portrayed around sports, and emails to the world to stay connected. The last column is for all my Quick Knowledge, Organization, quick book reminders, seminars, and notes. “Blinkist and Mentorbox” are great ways to get the information from books.


Trust me when I say I am not affiliated with any of these apps beside Weezle, but of course I use them to stay relevant and interesting with the great information and entertainment they all give to me. If you have a PROBLEM, figure out a SOLUTION.

The Solution to boring Hospitality Apps (My Plug)


HUNGRY?              THIRSTY?            SLEEPY?              EVENTS?            ACTIVITIES? 


The Three Problems the Weezle app is a Solution for...


    1. Consumer to Business and Location: a one stop shop to all the best destinations in one regional location. Find the best restaurants, bars, hotels, events, and active spots like gyms and hikes. The apps in the hospitality industry are bought by the corporate locations that don’t build a brilliant experience to any specific town. To deem a corporate location in the app is a business in the “Hungry” or “Thirsty” category tag that is in 5 states or more and already have made it. 


    2. Business to Consumer: a way to feature a clear message to the consumer with ways to give information of the features of the month, the employee of the month, and happy  hour or anything else they would like to spotlight to the customer. Very specific templates for the business owner or manager to fill out monthly and post only a couple of photos. Also, the reviews that spotlight the good will be features and all the reviews that the customer wants to tell the business but could hurt the business can go straight to them to help fix the issue they experienced. 


    3. Spinning the Pinewheel: spin the logo inside the wheel to have us just decide randomly for you. Very quick decision so there is no more arguing with loved ones. Find the best local destinations in any region, quick, easy, and fun. Post your pictures, review the businesses, & check out only the best.

Giving some form of entertainment or knowledge


Whenever you get hooked on something you perceive that something to give you value with entertainment or knowledge. People these days who see success early will give value through either way or both. 


Knowing different personality types can help to give value to that person. Upholders- Responsible, but don’t embrace change, Questioners- good at setting goals, but skeptical of procedures and seem not like a team member. Obligers- Hard to hit own expectations and need others to motivate them, but meets demands of others, Rebels- creative and go against all structure, but create new ideas very easily. 


When understanding that we all belong to something will help our self awareness of who we actually are and what gives us value and happiness. For example we all belong to a group of people with the same common cause that always has at least one leader who represents and organized the group. What I am talking about is our co-workers at work, being a fan of a specific team, going to church or being apart of a religion, We all belong to something that gives us value. 


To help me focus on my why and what gives me value when getting in and out of bed is to clear my head every morning and night. When doing this I know I am in control of my world. I can understand what is worth worrying about and what is not worth worrying about, pick your battles as you hear. Also, you remember what you are thankful for. This might sound stupid, but to spend time reflecting always helps. Your morning ritual is the an important part of your day and sets you up for the rest. Your routine at night should be similar with relaxing meditation and trying to avoid technology that is stimulating your brain right before bed. Reflect and reset for tomorrow so that you can give value to the world or just one person including yourself. 


When evaluating value just think if you are giving enough value to yourself, to your loved ones and to your boss. If you are not, how can you give more value to receive more value. Find a Problem where someone isn’t giving full value to the audience and create a Solution of how you can make it better.

The industry that never sleeps


The hospitality industry is my bread and butter and have understood the industry in and out since I was 12. I can go into any restaurant or beverage business and manage everything from purchasing, inventory, scheduling, coaching, and running daily shifts very well and successfully. From my hands on experience with over ten different restaurants, I have consulted the opening of four different restaurant and bars. I have also brought failing restaurants and bars out of the red to see green in the matter of months from preventing internal theft, limiting purchasing orders and waste, and marketing the excitement again. The Problem is when talking about this industry is the lack of leadership from the top down, not forecasting future costs and overhead, and not managing daily tasks can fail businesses. The Solution is being prepared of the real world & humbleness.


I have figured out the realistic formula and have created a dialogue of 40 pages explaining what needs to be prepared before starting a restaurant or managing one. 



  If you like these teasers check out the full version on:

The exciting and “easy” startups to make quick money


When wanting to make a quick buck, two, or thousand, check out these two options:

Low Over head and large profit margins. Problem= No Money Solution= Create Money


External House Painting




Apparel and Clothing brand



Up above is a clothing line I created and partnered with a wonderful company to mass produce them. It is called Mindstate Clothing.


I choose both of these because first I understand how they work. Second, I understand that you can buy your first shipment or costs of the first painting job with a deposit check of roughly 50%. Clothing is fun because you can wear your designs everywhere and see people wearing your designs is even better. Building a culture and following is key for success here. Painting houses is the most profitable and easy to do. The process of canvassing neighborhoods, to bidding the house, to walkthrough, production, and walkthrough is all a unique experience and can pay really well. 


If you want to figure out how I have seen success, check out:

Continue to stay balanced throughout life to leave an impact on the world


Life can be fun as long as you care, keep it simple, stay happy, smile, and most importantly... STAY BALANCED. 


There will be thorns of obstacles, struggles, ups, downs, and tragedy. Remember that haters come out only when you are doing something amazing and becoming the spotlight and threat for competition. I try to gain more haters everyday, but right now I lack, that is  how I know I am still a peasant and need to continue to grow. The worst type of thorns are the deaths of a thousand cuts that are dusted under the rug, avoided, or not  stood up to. Be proud of your past and journey and love yourself in the present moment. You will be able to get over anything and change. You only live once so don’t sorrow in self pity. 



Have a strong foundation of dirt, grow your stem tall and strong, embrace lots of sharp honest thorns that show continuous growth above and the willingness to push higher, and blossom into the most beautiful flower you can imagine. Use this to your advantage and build your boutique of balanced individuals and continue to grow and execute. 


Understand that love is an equation and can be personality based and how attractive you are. Understand that you can control how much you love yourself and perform more hobbies socially and individually will over come this obstacle. Understand that you can control how much you care by putting yourself out there with confidence. Both of these will be attractive enough in itself to attract valuable people. If you are stuck on what hobbies you want to try out to enjoy yourself more check out for tips on what I have found out in all of my hobbies to possible jump start your motivation.

 You can control how you diet and plan your week for your diet if you care to better yourself and health. Meal prepping or ordering something beside grease will be baby steps to seeing the positive change. Working out will follow and can be a lot of fun. Workout has to be executed with self motivation and inspiring yourself to go even when you don’t want to. You can find cardio in most active hobbies so start there. If you need help in figuring out exactly what you can do in diets and workouts check out for more. 


Business is the most difficult and the hardest to achieve, but really satisfying when done right. Business is typically based on confidence, leadership, and execution while winning people over. This is typically why people focus the most on business growth because there are so many variables and mostly strategically improvised everyday. Experience can go a long way, but smarts and heart will take you further. If you enjoy the tone of transparency and honesty of a normal joe like myself with a lot of knowledge and want to learn the same in business growth specifically through all the knowledge I have learned then check out for more. I will define the importance of persistence, leadership, and business traits you need to understand from CEO to shift supervisor. Loyalty to the brand and employees is a no brainer. I will focus on outlining the basics and advanced leadership skills and training, just check it out. Also, check out what I have learned in specific fields I have made money in. Either you relate to something I do or just want to begin or advance your career, check it out. The balanced life of BUSINESS is always a work in progress and accept that. 


Thank you for reading this article and I hope I inspired you to think more in depth in your life and I hope I have made life seem a little more simple with the examples I have shared from my journey and balanced life as a middle class entrepreneur. Remember if you don’t find my information useful there is so much information out there you can check out and I would love to reference you to some I found useful along my journey. I am here for you regardless to help guide your journey and the hiccups that will be experienced. My email is and you can ask me any questions and I will try to do my best to figure out a reasonable solution to your problem. If you have doubt to whatever I am saying just check out my website or download apps to help you grow. I believe that everyone can overcome most anything that comes up and has been proven to do so time after time. Please tell me stories of your journey and how you have overcame your thorns, I am along side you and we can help each other if we are on the same page. Regardless where you are in life, focus on the things you can control and execute your DREAMS. 

- Cheers, P&A

I am not held responsible if you actually don't care and can't balance your life and think that you are doing everything. These steps are meant to guide you to focus better, not to hold your hand to achieve it. First step is to actually care. 

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