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Vol 2.

- Value for Value BALANCÉ

Vol 1. (Explicit)



What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Successful Checklist:

What I did to overcome some of the hardest moments to appreciate the happiest of moments.

- Successful Scenarios:

WHAT TO DO vs REALITY. Learning the difference with scenarios. Since my life was absent of a in person mentor in love, I had to find it elsewhere. Here are some of my scenarios of what to do vs reality of getting a date, keeping a wife, etc.

- Bonus Hobby Tips:

The best way to Love Yourself is to perform hobbies regularly. Some people always ask me for tips in the following basics:

- GOLF (World Long Drive Competitor 400yard)

- BASEBALL (CSU D1 Club Baseball National Champ Catch)

- HOCKEY (Continue to play Adult Hockey)

- PING PONG (CSU Club Member)

- BOWLING (CSU Club Member)

- SHOOTING (Newbie)

- PIANO (20+ Years Experience)




What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Successful Checklist:

What I do to get ready, stay motivated, recommendations, how to workout with anxiety, learning your body, etc.

- Successful Scenarios:

WHAT TO DO vs REALITY. Learning the difference with  real life scenarios. I have taken exams, health and exercise courses, "guru" courses, and they are all good, but mostly full of BS.

- Successful Workout Tips:

The best way to get results is debatable on dieting or working out more, but working out I feel is more fun and realistic so we will say working out is step #1. Learn the different techniques, why you would lift differently, and what has worked for me the best to get the most consistent real results.

- Successful Diet Tips:

The final piece to the puzzle of fitness is dieting as step#2. Learn the different diet fads, the similarities between all them, why you would want to do one over the other, and overall just choosing one and committing to it. Its just the idea of not eating Sh*t and consistently getting in the habit to do better dieting.

100% Money Back


What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Successful Checklist:

What I have done and learned to get things rolling in business. Either if your an entrepreneur, looking for a side hustle, or just wired for the 9-5 job, but love to learn.. I gotcha a checklist. 

- Successful Scenarios:

WHAT TO DO vs REALITY. Know that there is typically a huge difference to being told how to do something to the reality of actually doing it. The daily operations of the grind.

- College vs Experience:

Kinda of like the scenarios based What to do vs Reality, but even further of what I learned in college to actually in the field. Most people who make courses like this seem to not have a college degree, I do TOOT, TOOT. My uncle is a Ivy League grad and there is a huge difference between what you learn and where you go.

- Start-Ups & Tips:

This is how I failed and how I succeeded, Tips & Tricks.

- MARKETING: Ever wanted to start your own Marketing Firm or wanted to Market better for your business?


- RESTAURANTS: Ever wanted to start your own restaurant, food truck, etc. or wanted to learn how to get a promotion within one?


- APPAREL COMPANY: Ever wanted to start your own apparel company, but don't know where to start?


- HOUSE PAINTING COMPANY: Ever wanted to start a hands on job that has very low start up costs and great margins?


- CAR DETAILING: Ever wanted to work hard for easy money?  



What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Successful Scenarios:

WHAT TO DO vs REALITY. Learning the difference with  real life scenarios. I have succeeded in selling apparel and failed terrible, but both ways I had a lot of fun building a community.

- Successful Business Tips:

The Clothing industry is mainly about building a community of like minded people wearing one brand. This can be achieved by having a wonderful marketing presence and going to trade shows so people just know you exist.

- Specific Tools:

I will give you specific tools to help grow your brand. These tools are the same exact tools I use to achieve success with clothing brands I still work with today to help them grow exponentially online and in stores. 

- Exact Marketing Ads around clothing

- Exact Keywords to choose or understand how to find them

- What Websites convert the best

- What changes should be made on your website

- How to stay relevant

- What to post

- Etc. Etc.

- Price Justification:

I set this extremely fair price of $25 because I have spent $1700 on trash courses before and realized you have to build the community first before worrying about the business.


The solo-preneurs like myself don't have that much money in the beginning steps, but this course will help you start from year 3 with all the experience I have of what to do & mainly what not to do to expedite your success.



What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Restaurant Training:

How you train your employees is one of the most important steps of running any restaurant, even if you're just a two person show, you still need to implement some amazing standards for your business. I have used all ten years of my restaurant experience and 4 years of Schooling to create this amazing turn key style course. 

- Successful Scenarios:

WHAT TO DO vs REALITY. We all know what we are suppose to do in the restaurant business, but we don't know always what to do in reality and daily operations. I noticed this disconnect with literally all my restaurant owners who were not on the property, for example.. the corporate ladders. The bosses boss are not at the restaurant ever, so why are they telling people how to do things? Restaurants are fun for the sense it will never be the same work day, so let people have fun and make a lot of money. In this course I give examples of what I'm talking about.

- Successful Operations:

Mixing the best of both worlds is ideal, and at the end of the day you need to run a restaurant with respect for yourself and for others. However, operations and brand standards is what brings customers back. Learn what I have learned about what not to do with businesses I have failed personally and what to do from extremely successful businesses I have grown personally.

- Price Justification:

Honestly, again this is another slap in my face personally only charging $1000 for a course that has all the expedited tips and tricks to running a successful restaurant from spending over $60,000 of my own education and aggregating information I learned over ten years of running & consulting over 11 different restaurants and franchises. I just want to genuinely help those who need to it most affordably with still being able to pay my own bills (like paying back my college debt ha).



What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Successful Reality:

It is one thing to say you are a great marketer and actually being a great strategist. Everyone can go on Facebook and Instagram and post "Stuff", but without a plan you will just be working your business into the ground. I created this course, because I found out my reality was having to fix other marketing firms mistakes when it was almost too late.  

- Building Business with Just Marketing:

What you want to do, if you have the next billion dollar idea, is to validate it for FREE. When you learn marketing tips that I am about to share in this course, you will understand how important it is to validate your ideas or next release by just doing it and seeing how people react. There is a formula of success online, but don't spend $50,000 to be aware of it, learn now for just $800.

- Marketing Terms

We all have heard the terms of SEO, Ranking, SMM, PPC, ROI, CTR, KPI, ICP, Google Experts, Platform Experts, etc. but what do they actually mean for us as a business. I say this because I know what the classic "I'm going to use big words to confuse you so it sounds like I'm smart" marketing pitches sound like, because I use to be that person (ha). Since now I know that is not who I am and I just want to genuinely help others succeed, here is the Turn Key style information to start implementing your success tonight!

- Price Justification:

Honestly, a $200 to charge for all this amazing information is more of a slap in my face for how much this course is actually going to help grow your company way more than that (if you actually implement the things) and hey if you don't want to do it yourself but wan to just understand the process that check out my sister company that does this full-time at: and we can help run all your marketing for you! 



What will you Receive?

(Downloadable PDF with Login LifetimeAccess for Updates)

- Successful Painting Process:

The process of painting a house and running a painting company can be simple... However, making it profitable is a whole different story. I will give you the same tools I have used to go from a non-profitable company painting houses to a profitable one by the next day.

- Successful Scenarios:

I will share with you the bad and the ugly of the business and how to avoid the ugly as much as possible to run a stressful free business.

- Leads, Estimates, Production = Get Paid

I will give you all the tips and tricks I have learned from running a profitable seasonal external painting company. Only work in the summers if you want...

- Price Justification

I will be giving you the exact sheet that I used to make $1000s for just $300. All you have to do is fill out during estimates to make a profitable company on day one. It will just be as easy as plugging in all the specific information to your business and to the house, and walla! Just like magic will give you the price of what you should be charging for the house, how long it will probably take, and how much materials will cost you per house.  

Results may vary, You have to still work hard to be fully balanced & Create the Mindset. If you just hate the class and want your money back, send us your reason at: 

I'm very balanced and the most mis-understood, which I enjoy being different. I'm not the most loving, but I try my best to love myself and my growing family while helping wherever needed both emotionally or physically. I am not the most fit, but I work out at least 4 times a week and avoid shitty food as much as possible while keeping the mindset to get better. I can control my weight and strength. I am not the richest, but I am extremely diversified with talent because of my knowledge. I know how to make money in four main ways to avoid being a "salary slave":
Restaurant Consulting, Marketing for small businesses, Clothing businesses & External Painting businesses. I love being an entrepreneur and having different streams of income while having one main salary cushion.  
WHY Create this Website?
I'll start off by saying if you have heard an "original" thought, that thought is ground breaking news because I believe everything has been thought about. What is always different is the delivery of that thought and the personality of that person delivering it including scientists.
It is usually fabricated bullsh*t, which I enjoy. Like I said, its the personality that creates the uniqueness and the belief it was an original thought. This is why I have created this Balanced guide with all the repetitive cliche sh*t without the bull. I'll keep as transparent as possible. 
Most "Influencers" are information poets who are salesmen and manipulate belief to buy more. I want to express my intentions are not to be an "influencer" as a career. If it happens, I'll love to rock it out to help others. I want to influence the people who are close to me as they grow & that is why I'm here. Leaving a damn mark, even if it is just to a handful of people.
People Feed others Bullshit stories like it's an original thought to gain Monetary Value, also called Business, which can be appreciated if self not naive, in control, and acceptive to how society runs while NOT being desperate for the "answer". Business can be fun, free up time if done correctly (*cough* delegation), thus creating confidence:
Hear me out... You will find out there are always two breakdowns to everything if you want to be successful in life and understand your purpose:
- The Operation = the WHAT and HOW we think we do things to achieve love, fitness results, and business while balancing each daily chores and curveballs.
- The Reality = the WHY we should push forward, what matters most to us, and what actually happens when emotions are involved in love, fitness, and business while overcoming obstacles and judgment that make us unique from one another & powerful. 
I will begin to introduce myself now.
My name is Austin Pray. I hate saying "I" and "Me" so much, but its hard to talk about yourself without saying that. I am a normal middle class American (for now) who loves himself like Kanye, loves his family like Tim Tebow, works his ass off in the gym & eats food like a miniature Jason Momoa, and learns & hustles in business in my own moral way. Oh, and I have a thousand hidden talents and hobbies because I have loved myself my entire life.
I grew up with a supportive family, never rich never poor. I played sports in high school and graduated college with a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and "Bullsh*t" Business. From there, life threw its crazy bullsh*t at me and my naive innocent beautiful teenager face. I started managing restaurants, hell, I babysat restaurants. However, I was amazing at it and people loved me. I got so good I became unfortunately bored at each restaurant and would move on to another or started another side hustle while always living a balanced focused life. To learn another system, operate efficiently, work out the problems, figure it out, build it up, and move on because I didn't understand my WHY anymore was unpractical but addictive to me. I have quit the General Manager position for over nine different restaurants over a 7 year span and saw growth in sales in each restaurant beside 2, got begged to not leave from 5 out of the 7, and of course got offered the typical "come back" raise, get my drift?   
I did this forever until my AH HA moment... last year the franchise owner of the restaurant I was managing showed me the reality of how depressing the industry could be, got offended I was leaving, and didn't pay me for my final two hard working weeks... yes this actually happens. This motivated me to move on to an industry that I could help run businesses, not people, and really found my passion with helping people and educating them to get better. This industry became marketing AKA making businesses look sexy and be found. The best part is that it has freed up so much time. I started a mobile app, a successful apparel company, this website, and much more while helping me focus on my family more, myself, and my fitness. By the way, results produced by confidence is the best leverage you can have for yourself. By learning how to love, workout & diet, & learn while making money will create success no matter how much more you will always want. Learn the "Secrets" if you will, which truly means learn where I have messed up so you don't do the same... the best kind of learning that imprints your brain to not do them for yourself, MMKAY.    
I have created this website not with the intentions to be an information poet or a bullshitter, but mainly as an attempt to help guide like Yoda from what I have learned from others throughout being a naive little shit for the first 20 years so I could start helping by 27 to create more "Luke Skywalker's" around me and this world. Become better than you were yesterday. 
I have enough credentials to teach something to someone in this world just through experience with trial and error. I have been there, done that, and learned each and everyday from all the purpose in this world & success leaders that I surround myself with and want to relay all great information to you. What I glow however, which I feel is rare, is genuine BALANCE and Self Awareness to life situations. I don't want to be famous, I don't want to be rich, I want to be the same as I am now while growing each day to be more balanced and full. 
With this I have created an original formula to become balanced... sounds crazy right.
I have realized that with being Loved by yourself first, loving others second, loving society third you will create a fire to become healthy for yourself. With knowing what works in the fitness industry from workout routines to diets you will start wanting to learn more. Educating yourself more to produce results in the monetary financial field of wealth & keep learning. This is what balance looks like. Don't just balloon one, balloon all three. 
To get any results from others you will first have to feel you give yourself value. When you feel like this badass, then you can give back value to others. If you think you are valued at a Million dollar salary a year, than you will have to give 100 million dollars a year to others in value return.
Why do I charge money then? To keep things running, unfortunately needs a shit ton of money. 
 So If your like me you're probably getting bored by now, so sit back relax and enjoy the simplicity of what knowledge I cherish the most, that have produced the best results in my life. If I have not achieved that PLEASE email me at
STAY BALANCED & LOVE THE HATERS Check out HERE >>>>>>>>>> for more
- Austin Pray, P&A

If your still reading...Here is my quick story



  • Through my youth I have been really, "good" at everything and that has never changed. Very Seldom have I been the best at anything, but I am very competitive and knowledgeable in most everything that I do and overall weirdly happy and patient with everything.​

  • Sports were huge in my youth years playing football, baseball, golf, and hockey. I was always on the second best team for some reason.

    • I believe this humbled me the most through failure always being second at a young age and seeing people always beating me.

      • What I learned was how to have fun with failure and how to have fun improving every year. I was always the nicest and friends with everyone I met. 


  • Through my college days I had more self awareness and learned how to mix my creativeness with my knowledge and smarts. I became less afraid the more I trusted my skills I had acquired throughout the years. I observed how the suave college students got all the girls and dressed, I observed how the successful students studied, I observed how the most fit people performed fitness, I observed and replicated very well. I started and managed businesses throughout my college days while graduating with "good" grades in the Hospitality Management Degree and Business from Colorado State University. I kept competing everyday...​

  • Competing with extremely skilled individuals at this level made me understand how much I needed to improve and I did. I started to become a winner, see success, became "buff", and I started to get what I wanted and see results.

  • What were the cons of this you ask?  

    • I started to become a douche-bag and overly confident. I felt I could do and get whatever I wanted when I wanted. This made me an asshole, but more self aware of it. I blame the hormones...  

      • What I learned towards the end of my College days were how to be confident, but not a douche. I started to be more open to change, differences, how to adapt, and Learned how to be more self aware when I became an asshole to others.

      • I realized being an asshole could get me results a lot quicker, but burned a lot of bridges along the way and wasn't as happy from it.



  • Today, I Know how to network, make money, learn from everyone, and how to build an ARMY of friends, Mentors, & Family. I learn daily I am not the best, but I learn how to become successful with dedication, balance, and commitment to myself everyday with a supportive team and not to be the best individual, but thrive to building the best ARMY. I learn that to feel successful is to feel balanced between LOVE, FITNESS, & GROWTH. Once I slack on one thing I need to focus better on it daily and help others do the same (If they want to).

  • Life Is Easy as long as you are Persistent to Growing yourself Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually 

    • 1. Work Efficiently, Effectively, and always Motivate yourself.

    • 2. Don't give Excuses to why you can't or get scared, rather look for solutions like a child, fearlessly & Creatively. 

    • 3. Execute, communicate, Plan, and Stay Humble.

  • Be confident, but not an asshole. Be Successful, but don't force it, be Patient. LOVE, WORKOUT, DON'T EAT SHIT, READ, EXECUTE, HELP, BE A CHILD, WORK, LIVE​​

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