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Balance Challenge?

Hit your Reset Button Every Day, Week, and Month if Your UnBalanced

-3 Focus points, 9 Challenges, 3 Min. Read & BALANCE

Keep Calm, Rinse, Repeat


Reset the DAY with LOVE...

  • Set aside time every morning to plan how you can love yourself and others better today (as in your plan of how your not going to be an asshole and love yourself)

  • Communication to yourself is key to your self awareness

    • Be specific to who and how you will be nice to today & love yourself. Know what you are terrible at and fix and challenge yourself every free moment.

      • Set your mind up for Positivity​​​ & Reset



  • 1st daily HOBBY Love Challenge= a Hobby that makes you happy: Golf swings, driving range, working out, watching hockey, playing hockey, shooting, etc.

  • 2nd daily COMPLIMENT Love Challenge= Saying Hi & Complimenting a complete stranger... yes this can be done online if it's a lazy day, or believe it or not the person sitting next to you. :) Also, opening a door for someone counts.

  • 3rd daily OTHER Love Challenge= Give your "Army" a gesture of love. Your army are the people who will do anything for you. If you don't know create them: Call my dad and see how he is, reach out to an old friend, reach out to a new friend, Tell my Wife how hot she is, or reminding how strong my daughter is, etc.   

Reset the WEEK with FITNESS...

  • Set aside time in the beginning of your Week to plan how you will diet or workout this week. For me I do this every Monday and change my diet every week (Because I hate them, but know how important they are & that keeps me motivated, NEW)...

  • Communication to yourself is key to your self motivation

    • Be specific of what diet you want to try out and plan out your workouts. ​Know what you are wanting to get better at, for, and how you can achieve that. 

      • Set your mind up for Success & Reset


  • 1st weekly WORKOUT & DIET Fitness Challenge= Workout and Diet: My Weekly Example, Chest & Triceps, Back & Biceps, Legs & Shoulders, you can split these up if you want to be more intense, or if you lacked on one do it again. Grocery list, meal plan, prep, and reward with your favorite cheat meals. SIMPLE

  • 2nd weekly ACTIVE HOBBY Fitness Challenge= Active Hobby, Individual Hobby, & a Social Hobby. Think about your favorite hikes, sports, restaurants 

  • 3rd weekly MENTAL HEALTH Fitness Challenge= Mental Health focus, Relax, Meditate, Read, Learn, Listen to Comedy and don't forget to laugh. 


Reset the MONTH with GROWTH...

  • This can be Awkward sometimes, but it is insanely important regardless of how you want to live your life. Set aside time in the beginning of the month to focus on your goals, month, 6 month, year, and 5 year is pretty tangible. Know what to change...  

  • Communication to yourself is key to staying humble

    • Be specific to your financials, realistic goals, dreams, & action plan. Staring at your success or lack thereof can feel uncomfortable or easy, but learning it can make it a lot more simple when something comes up. (Investment, medical)

      • Set your mind up for acceptance to Change & Reset



  • 1st monthly P&L Growth Challenge= Personal P&L: Face my bank account numbers, know my bills for the month, know how much I can save and spend. 

  • 2nd monthly KNOWLEDGE Growth Challenge= Knowledge & setting yourself up for success to execute: Knowledge comes through many forms these days, so there is no excuses to why you didn't achieve it. Finance, books, advisors, mentors, public figures, social media, multi streams of income, etc. can help exponentially.

  • 3rd monthly EXECUTION Growth Challenge= Execute: What is step number one to achieving my goals above, what books do I have to buy to learn better, who do I have to call to learn what real life situations I have to get myself into, what are my competitors doing to be successful? How can I build a partnership with someone to help the workload? Do I know anybody or have I met anybody that can help me? How close am I to achieving it. What excuses am I giving and how can I wake the "F" up?  

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