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I like to use sports references to help people understand how to relate with metaphors from sports. BALANCE: 

LOVE: We love sports, we love ourselves, we love others.


FITNESS: Sports needs fitness and so do we. We all need to focus towards a healthy lifestyle with workouts & diets.

BUSINESS: Sports can make you a ton of money, but sports skills can also translate into business skills.


#4 GOALIES: Hockey, Soccer


The Goalies in sports like Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse can be a great metaphor to balancing your life with Mentors in Love, Fitness & Business. 

L : Trusting people and having faith / trust with people in life is key to loving mentors. 

F : Having mentors and fitness gurus is important to keep you motivated to always get into the gym, teach, and diet.

B : Mentors in business is crucial. These mentors are resources for you and people you can trust. Business can get messy, so be a good person to these mentors and see value for value.


#3 LIBERO: Volleyball

Defense to Save Points

The Volleyball player wearing a different jersey specialized in defensive on the court can be a great metaphor to balancing your life in Love, Fitness & Business. 

L : Being always defensive like you did something wrong or in fear of your insecurities. 

F : Being defensive about why you didn't workout or diet because you know you should.

B : Always defending yourself instead of listening & growing with others at work or in professional setting.


#2 INTENTIONAL WALK: Baseball / Softball

Free Base

Is when in Baseball the pitcher intentionally throws four balls in a row to walk the batter. A freebie either because of situation or because of a badass hitting bombs and scared of them hitting a home run. 

L : Being so good looking you don't have to work so hard to actually love others, they will just come.

F : Being born a mesomorph & not having to watch what you eat or how much you exercise.

B : Being in a rich family and handed your wealth. Not having to work or do the essentials in life can impact your life in the longterm.




Being an Idiot on the Field

Have you ever seen those plays where the player on the field literally starts running backwards to the other end zone? "Don't be that idiot and score touchdowns for your own team!" 

L : Running backwards in love is when you care for others more than you love yourself. 

F : In fitness running backwards is when you workout with bad form or eating like shit.

B : In business this is when you're either waiting for an opportunity to fall into your lap or having to fire someone for running backwards.

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