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I think this is important, because it helps you shape your life, YOUR story BIT BY BIT, a little better. when you say your final speech yourself.. I hope I have a lot of "Eulogy Speeches" below.. (HA) This came to mind indeed by watching the 1988 movie "Cocktail with Tom Cruise" AND ALSO BEING A HYPOCHONDRIAC. (Ha)


Never Quitting


The first speech is important for my family and friends to understand and that is why this will probably be the quickest speech of them all. I want to be known as the person who has always tried his best.. PERIOD. 


- Sure, I had tried my best over and over, and still failed, but I always got back up even faster and stronger every time.

I had more ideas than I could ever execute in one lifetime, some amazing and a lot dumb, but I was always thinking of something.


My main goal was to always create more time for my family and friends, to see them all grow, as we all know they grow up so fast.

So to end the first eulogy I would like to say, I want to be known for always trying my best and doing whatever I could to create more time for myself and for my family / friends. 

- LOVE YOU ALL, Austin Pray


Loving Myself & Others


I want to be remembered as the person who would try everything with a open heart and try it my best. I proud myself on my hobbies and how well I do at them, maybe a little more competitive than I should but it motivates me. 


I would try my best in Golf, Hockey, Working out, and Most of my time is with my beautiful family. Those are the main four, however I still have always been really good at Baseball, Ping Pong, Bowling, Riding Motorcycles, Snowboarding, Art, Playing Piano, Marketing, and running Restaurants.


Now, my new hobbies that don't make me feel uncomfortable now is, Hunting, Gutting, Shooting, Farming, Gathering, Hiking, etc.

I loved myself through smiling with myself and/or with family and friends. Things that make me happy.. and I became really good at a lot of things.

I have always loved myself and always could stay busy if wanting to.

- LOVE YOU ALL, Austin Pray


Staying Healthy with What I can Control

I always have been a hypochondriac from a child and still to this day, I am. I find it almost hilarious of how much I always worry about nothing (hints the controlled anxiety nowadays).

By being a hypochondriac however has made me always make the best decisions for my body and treat it always like a guarded temple. I always wanted to know that if I got in a car accident I would be able to recover faster because I work out almost every day and recover from that or if I got sick I would be prepared to overcome it.


I never was out of control with alcohol or ever tried drugs both legal or prescribed, but never judged people who did. Unless it was meth, I'd judge the shit out of them. (Ha)

I would work out as much as I could without feeling over worked. I would do cardio hobbies so that I could sustain a healthy heart to my control and most importantly, I would always avoid eating and drinking crap.


If I ever slipped & got drunk for a celebration, I would do everything in very moderate consumptions so I wouldn't damage my body and recover fully. I could never do multi day benders like most of my badass friends, not because I didn't want to, but because I knew it was bad for my body and just couldn't.

I would never judge people and would only want to help people if they needed it mainly in the form of just listening. Sometimes more bluntly than others, but I knew what worked for people who had listened and I have always wanted to help people control their lives if they could with balance.

Always growing, never becoming complacent, while creating a relaxed soul.

- LOVE YOU All, Austin Pray


Creating Time for Family

One of the best achievements in my life is not being a millionaire, not being a traveling salesperson, but to always be able to create time with work to spend quality time with family.

Always wanting to help others, I would always try to help myself, family, and friends if they needed it.

There is nothing more in this world that I loved to do more than go swimming, gymnastics, ballet, park, etc. everyday if possible with the family.


I loved myself seeing my family love themselves and seeing them grow while learning. 

- LOVE YOU All, Austin Pray

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