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Obviously told by my experience and I AM NOT A DOCTOR

What I have learned from dealing with anxiety and stress is 

1. It SUCKS:

Yes, I know this is obvious, but being someone who was so controlled in his life finally had that moment and it sucks how uncontrollable it is, for about a month. Literally just driving I would have panic for no reason, when I started going to restaurants I was having panic, the hardest for me was when I would get my heart rate going my body just thought I was just panicking and this was the hardest to figure out while playing hockey or working out. I would just have to push through it.

2. What did I do? I accepted it:

I know this seems weird, but whenever I got a "symptom" (which we will talk about next) I would just talk to myself and let my brain know that everything was going to be fine, breathe if you will.


3. What did it feel like? Like I was about to fight a lion in the road:

The weirdest feelings were going through the cycle over and over again with trying to fight all the emotions. I would get very lightheaded, my stomach would start bubbling, and I would start getting light headed. I was doing some research and the internet was all saying that this was due to my body focusing on my muscles, to of course beat the hell out of this lion, and increase my heart rate, because I was about to fight a lion. Like a false alarm, but damn this is scary.


The Anxiety / Panic cycle is where you feel a Symptom (varies from person to person) and you question WHY? this leads to Anxiety. Anxiety typically takes the lead from there with the fight or flight response (or in panic sense, a false alarm) where is rushes all of your bodies focus to your muscles and heart and you will feel tense like you were just shoved into a uncontrollable temped refrigerator. Up and down roller coaster ride from than on, until you beat the lion and you go to bed. 

5. Why am I joking about it:

Because while Anxiety and Panic are VERY real as I have been experiencing it, it is one of the most weird and funny feelings ever. Panic for me has lasted for days at time for a reason I couldn't figure out, but add dealing with this and kids.. it becomes a sitcom in my head. If you know me I do not take prescribed drugs or have the balls to take anything.. so everything to help these cycles are all natural and controlling my thoughts. It is quite the ride, but stoping the cycle has been the most helpful thing during this phase. 

I hope this was somewhat interesting to read or even helpful in some way if you are dealing with it, just know it sucks (first go see a doctor), know that panic is something that comes and goes, and become so self aware that you can help yourself overcome this. Know your symptoms, know your body, take care of your body, and help shape it through even the hardest of times. 

My Love Story is Full of Mental-Level Experiences & Loving myself, Not just Sensory Level Love Experiences.

- Learning how to do it for yourself and wanting to do it everyday is how you achieve this.


1. Awareness is the key to controlling your Love & Emotions.

2. Loving Yourself is how you become more Aware.

3. Your Hobbies will remind you of how much you love yourself. 

4. The Community & Family is how you can enjoy hobbies more.

5. Love is a compliment to yourself and others around you.

Loving and Accepting others will give you Momentum to do more.



Feeling Purpose in Life is Crucial to happiness, Embrace it and Enhance it. 

  • Met My Beautiful wife in 2013 while in College. In Early 2016 we had our first amazing and adorable little girl. 

  • Getting Married this Year

Started lifting in 2009 about 3-6 times a week.

  • 9 yr stats: Present 27 year old, 200lbs, 5'9. Bench 335 lbs x 3 Max. Squat 350 lbs x 3, Deadlift 315 x 5 Max

  • Proudly Never Took Steroids or Testosterone Enhancers. Only some Protein, Caffeine, & Tried Creatine for a Week

Started golfing in 2005 and golf as much as possible (Weather and Wife Permitting.)

  • 13 yr stats: Present 27 year old, Drive 380+ Yards, AVG: 80 strokes (More Self Discipline) 

  • Clubs: Titleist AP1 irons, Titleist 917D2, & Scotty Cameron Newport, Krank 4 degree driver, Vice Balls

Fairly New at Shooting bows and guns starting in 2016. Try to go at least Once a Week.

  • Started out Fucking Terrible, I didn't even know I was Left Eye Dominant until around 2017 when I shot a bow. Ha

  • Bow: PSE Stinger, Rifle: AR-15, Handgun: Glock 22

Not Very Competitive, but always played since 2004 when I was 13 years old.

  • Was told I was fun to watch...I liked to Hit people and be a big fat meany head for some reason. Made it fun.

  • Favorite Brand: Bauer. Position: Offense. FAVORITE NHL TEAM: The Colorado AVALANCHE

Classically trained and only been playing by ear since 2000 when I was 9 years old.

  • Can Play Mostly everything I hear and watch. Figured out patterns and chords. 

  • Piano: Casio Privia (Middle Class weighted piano) and Yamaha Baby Grand, Favorite Piano: Stuart & Sons. 

Started Baseball in 1996 when I was 5 at Tee-Ball and "Retired" when I was 21 years old

  • High School All Conference Starting Catcher. 16 yr stats: College NCBA National Champs Starting Catcher- CSU

  • Position: Catcher. Hit: Right. Throw: Right. AVG: .300. Hit the Piss out the Ball

Started Ping Pong in 2005 when I was 14, Played club ping pong in College. For Reals.. 

  • Best Memory: beating the Owner of a ping pong themed bar in Denver and getting kicked out cause he was mad.  

  • Skills: Serve and Spin

Bought my first motorcycle when I was 19 years old and fell in love.

  • Stats: First Bike was a used GSX650F. Current Bike: Yamaha V-star cruiser.

  • Hints: First step is to take a day long class, Second Step is to test drive, third is to get your license.

Started Drawing and Painting since I was probably 1 years old.

  • Was featured in a magazine in first grade for one of my art pieces. I really enjoy drawing and painting.

  • Style: Acrylic & Pencil 

I've been competitive bowling since I was old enough to hold a bowling ball.

  • I bowled a 300 this year, do I have to explain more? 

  • Style: Two finger, Two hand, Spin

I've been managing restaurants since I was 17

  • I have a bachelors in Hospitality Management and Business

  • I have managed mom and pop places, full service, corporate, etc.

Remember that these are my hobbies and just the tips I have learned from experts. People who are lucky enough to do these for a living. Don't use my word as I'm an expert and don't think I am sharing this information to brag or to tell you that all of these will make you happy. I am very competitive and a personality type to be good at everything, because life is short and I want to experience everything. There is something to learn from every hobby you try. 

Let Me Try and Simplify Love!


Cherish the good ones, Get rid of the bad. Enjoy your own company the most and adapt to be a better version than yesterday. Perform a hobby every single day. Give TIME to the ones you care most about, never choose money over time. Be kind to one another and show compassion even when you want to give your unwanted opinion to them.




When I'm not myself, it usually means I being "professional" also known as being fake and disappear within the corporate world.

When I start loving myself I have the confidence to be myself wherever I am because I believe in myself always.

My Tips to How I Became Confident


- Let me tell you some tricks so that it will be just a little bit easier.

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