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Painting Class: YES Actually Painting Houses

  • Syllabus Day of #WealthClass is Understanding what the daily life of a Painting Business Owner looks like and feels like.

  • Freshmen Class: Marketing, Grass Roots, Canvasing you will learn how to conduct the best ways to receiving leads to potential clients.

    • How to Evaluate houses so that you are confident when approaching clients. How to get the most out of marketing.​

  • Sophomore Class: Setting up the Estimate & Bidding you will learn the basics of how Estimates go from start to finish.

    • What is the best way to sell. Why should people get their house painted? How do you bid safely so that it is fair and makes you money sometimes leaving 50% profit in your pocket.  

  • Junior Class: Production you will learn how I painted efficiently and effectively leaving feeling proud of my work. 

    • You will learn what materials I had, How I conducted walk arounds with clients, and how I scheduled start to finish in producing an external house painting.  

  • Senior Class: Getting Paid new businesses owners always make this mistake and forget the main part of running the business, GETTING PAID. 

    • Getting paid is of course important, and what techniques I learned throughout the two years I painted houses could save you thousands of dollars. 

I am not held responsible if you actually don't care and can't balance your life and think that you are doing everything. These steps are meant to guide you to focus better, not to hold your hand to achieve it. First step is to actually care. 

Selling Apparel or Product Class

  • Syllabus Day of #WealthClass is Understanding what the daily life of selling a successful Apparel or Product company.

  • Freshmen Class: Creating a Product executing the idea is key when starting any business. Today this could be more simple then before with the power of the internet.

    • If you just type in local makers of t-shirts, screen printers, tech manual creators, practically anything you want to sell start with figuring out what questions they are looking for.​

  • Sophomore Class: Margins when validating anything you want to know if you can make money in the idea. Would people actually buy it and if so how can we make it so its affordable.

    • When starting out this can be very hard, but remember that with money you can have purchasing power and limit your margins and leave lots of profits for the company.  

  • Junior Class: Website Having an online presence is huge and I have learned the do's and don't from trial and error. 

    • I will get you up to speed on what not to do. The internet is going to be the brain of your organization so give it some thought. This will be where you market, where you sell directly, even possible how you fulfill orders from. Platforms these days can do it all.  

  • Senior Class: Getting Paid getting paid year over year can be hard when these industries get saturated so keep that in mind. 

    • What you make sometimes needs to be funded back into the businesses marketing plan to increase year over year sales so it doesn't go away. Anyone can create a product and that is the fun about the competition. 

Hospitality & Business Class

  • Syllabus Day of #WealthClass is Understanding what the daily life of running and operating a store with employees.

  • Freshmen Class: Learning about the basics of business Even just the basics of business can be confusing at first, get up to speed with what I have learned from school and experience.

    • Businesses, stores, restaurants, and hotels have about the same structure with the end goal to make customers happy so they come back and give you more money.​

    • This information is important to understand when owning or managing or just when trying to get to know an industry.

  • Sophomore Class: Employees the forgotten fruit.

    • We have all been employees, but some managers and owners have forgotten that and haven't adapted to caring for them because they can make or break a business overnight.

    • A successful business always has a successful owner or manager, that doesn't mean wealth, but it means the knowledge of both book smarts and reality of the beast. The best companies I have worked for understood both, but most all of them only understood books (Those restaurants failed...) Keeping in mind if your book smart, turn to the reality of how things work and get dirty first before teaching  

  • Junior Class: Operations Hell all of this is the same, but it is always talked about like it is so unique to the company, when in reality it is not. It is however extremely important to understand and perform so learn it here. 

    • Every business needs a formula to run and make money and the successful ones have figured it out and it is all similar. What makes some businesses more successful is from two things. From understanding and adapting to strengthen the journey of the future business while appreciating the now and the people who are running it.

    • The old school way of being a tough ass is over unfortunately so adapt to caring and getting your hands dirty.   

  • Senior Class: Getting Paid being relevant and adapting is huge and should be taken seriously. The markets are saturated and you are here to make things better every year and give value to your customers. If you fail in that department, you will most likely fail all around. 

    • When I say relevancy I am talking about your product, structure, marketing, and planning to save what you can, and make more when possible. I can teach you to avoid somethings I have experienced and how to focus on things that work. 

Marketing Class

  • Syllabus Day of #WealthClass is Understanding what the daily life of emulating successful social media campaigns and making more direct online sales.

  • Freshmen Class: Learning about the basics of marketing I'm sure we are all aware what the basics are, but how to execute differently and better is where the big bucks are generated.

    • Business these days can be easily ran from the house and I am an example of how to do just that.

  • Sophomore Class: What I have learned from Experience Marketing is hard because it is based on trial and error, but for that to begin you just need to start. Learning from others mistakes is crucial, definitely in the marketing world.

    • Learn what mistakes and tips to avoid them.  

  • Junior Class: How to work campaigns and budgets of course the trick is always to figure out how much you can convert with the least amount of daily budget on either PPC, reach, ads, etc

    • Learn what I have while running campaigns and setting up your own.   

  • Senior Class: Getting Paid Content, Pushing content to customers or fans, converting with a call to action seems simple, which it can be once you figure out how to graduate your Freshmen- Junior classes.  

    • Creating rare and viral content can be done. Once you feel like you have that, executing is key. Learning the time, platform, and benefit of doing so is better when understood.

    • Learn How Today

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