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Austin Pray


I have Helped & Grown 15 very successful companies, I have grown 3 businesses of my own which pay my current bills, Sold 1 of my businesses which gave me the best gift of freeing up time, and FAILED 17 business that gave me the best and worst experience I have ever had,


I have a 2-pack & weigh 210lbs, but for my endomorph body, I work my ass off for it not to spiral and stay consistent with it. I would say I'm more of a Power Lifter, but I do cardio in my favorite hobbies like hockey. I'd say my strongest lift right now is benching 350lbs for reps & Squatting. Now, the truth is dieting is hard, but I know what to avoid which helps me stay in shape. I know what to do and how to do it daily.

I love myself persistently, I have a beautiful wife that I didn't buy, I have two amazing children, and like I said, being transparent, they kick my ass some days with stress and emotion which has taught me most of what I want to teach others. How to deal with the shit in Business, the shit in Fitness, the shit in Love and all the set backs we might have. What has always helped me is knowing that others are going through the same thing as me and I love the motivation I get from finding a solution.

 and I learned how to BALANCE them all.

My Only success has been found through always being humble and transparent...

1. I am not here to motivate:

I want you to motivate yourself and if my experience and knowledge helps you, than I want YOU to take action for your own success while I am here for advice, not your results. 


2. My Truths, My Battles, My Weaknesses:

- I'm genetically LAZY! I love to sleep/nap...

- My public Speaking BLOWS! I love to talk though...

- I enjoy being "NEGATIVE" and CHALLENGING towards others. This is probably the weirdest to understand, but I love helping people grow and I love being around hard badass people that can take & give constructive criticism. I LOVE IT! I don't want to please everyone, everyone doesn't like me. :) BLESS MY WIFE FOR UNDERSTANDING THIS...

* I fight to be better at these daily

3. My Strengths:

- I'm strong at being self aware and fighting my Pre-Conditions that I don't want to be... like being LAZY. I work out almost everyday, I work very effectively and efficiently, take care of my family with genuine time and sleep in without an alarm clock.

- I don't mind what people think about me, but I will listen to how I can improve. I won't get emotional about it and won't take things personal.

- I'm extremely strong at seeing NEGATIVE as a way to grow into a POSITIVE. I love how I see negative things as an opportunity to do better.

- I am strong at understanding that there are two sides to every opinion/story, helping me not get caught up in petty drama or gossip. If talking to me I WILL CHALLENGE YOU TO THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR OPINION, as I hope you will do the same. This offends most people PS.   

Conclusion, Who am I?

To sum up, I am someone living a normal life that has learned, observed, and experienced a lot. Things I wish I would have found out before I graduated college or before taking every "self help" guru workout, knowledge course, etc. Yes I would have gone to college again and taken these courses again, but with different intentions and a better action mindset.

- I always want to learn and grow.

- I want to help guide with "MY STORY"

- To learn from "YOUR STORY"

- To grow to become "OUR BADASS STORY"

SIMPLE AND SWEET = Straight to the point

"Life is Like Tetris, When you Fit in... You Disappear"

After a near death car crash I wanted to empower as many people in my life that I could before that day actually comes. I reflected on my "get out of death" FREE card and realized I wouldn't have left behind the legacy I would have wanted or at least tried out. 


We are all dealt shitty cards throughout life, but the more motivated your are, the more you can make shitty cards into a royal flush.

What stopped me before the accident from at least trying to put myself out there and help others, was I didn't want to be judged by my friends and family. I didn't want to fail & be embarrassed. I am now looking forward to criticism & haters, figure this happens to all successful people, so why be afraid of it... Bring it on!

Now, I realize fitting in, having a corporate job, going to the bars every weekend, is extremely boring and meaningless to me, I wanted to become different as far as my personality allowed me to be and boy has it been a blast.


- I focused on myself and my own mental health first. As I am amazing at restaurant operations and growth, I never knew how mentally destroyed I was and how mentally exhausted I was from the businesses pettiness. I would bring this bad attitude home and it effected my home life. I could finally breathe being my own boss and spend genuine time with my family. Knowing your self worth comes from self awareness and humbling yourself that the ultimate goal is not to focus first on others, but indeed on yourself. I have became a little more soft with understanding emotion and how beneficial it can be when controlled. Who would have thought challenging people would make them more mad at you? HA

I started doing more hobbies that made me happy and loving my family better to love myself   

- I started working out more intensely and consistently with more focus. Health has always been important to me, but I would always eat crap working in the restaurant business and being around so much food everyday, I couldn't help myself. I feel the reason I recovered so fast from flipping my car was because my body was use to getting beat up at the gym and repairing. But after the crash I wanted to do more! I started taking every course imaginable about fitness, supplement, and realized they were all BS and expensive piss. I have been sticking to the basics and not recreating the wheel, finally sticking to what works for me and recommending the people who taught me how to do it.

Which I can help guide into what I have learned very simply.

- This was all stimulated by freeing up my time by starting a new business, but business has always been third in my life. This is how I can consistently be happy, consistently understand myself and who I am throughout all obstacles and mainly BE BALANCED through life's journey. I refer this to blossoming your own "journey rose" when you complete all three to your best ability, because having a badass career, a badass love life, and a badass fitness life will make you feel successful, hands down, 100%. The new business couldn't have been possible however if I didn't read a thousand books about marketing and if I didn't take a thousand online courses about marketing, so I thank all my resources for my success. I believe online courses are made from knowledge, but mainly through personal experiences... So here is what I have learned through mine that I have found help many others struggling to find appreciation for their journey.    

My First Ever Video

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