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3 Keto Meals // Health Blog

Austin Pray is giving way all his secrets 2:22:22 on a Tuesday 22 E-Pedia

Keto diets seem to be the easiest for people To stick to, and you can even test your urine to see if you have ketones in your pee. Pretty cool.


- no carbs, sugars

1. Breakfast Keto : Egg Casserole with meat. I choose ham just like Dexter Morgan with zero sugar hot sauce.

2. Lunch Keto : Chicken broccoli stir fry. No sugar stir fry sauce.

3. Dinner Keto : Steak bites over zoodles.

Some things to be aware of is… vegetables has carbs. But usually fiber as well. These are called net carbs when fiber cancels out the carb.

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