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3 Morning Routines to Help your Day with Mental Health // Lifestyle Blog

MENTAL HEALTH BLOG : Mental Ghosts Blog

Feeling out of wack is a common feeling, specially with stress and “knowing to much information” because of the good ole internet, both good and bad.

I was the guy who thought mental health was just like physical health, look good, feel good. I realized only half of that is true.

Having confidence only allows you to be honest with yourself, being honest with yourself can make you uncomfortable and have to change. Change is good and if you can’t adapt to it, you will have ongoing mental health issues for a long time. It’s easier to nip it in the butt right when it starts acting up.

Alright, enough of me talking… I know why you are here. ;)

1. SHOWER (Either cold or hot)

: This is a good restart button as a

metaphor to a new day new you.

: Cold showers will put you in “test” mode right away. This is good for big days that you need to shock your body to test your breathing, close your pores and put yourself into a really uncomfortable situation so that the rest of the day either at work or before a workout.

: Hot showers will put you in “zen” mode right away. This is typically what I choose in the mornings because I have ADHD and I need to calm my nerves not spike them. Hot showers bring blood flow to the surface and comfort you to all your thoughts.

2. JOURNAL (Either writing for yourself or talking as affirmations to yourself)

: When you write down your thoughts or plan out your day, it helps categories and simplify your day and feelings.

: Writing is good for the ‘touch’ and ‘visual’ interaction. Some people learn better this way and also you can have more traditional journal books to reference later.

: Talking is good for the ‘auditorial’ interaction. Some people learn better this way, by hearing and pronouncing their thoughts out loud.

: Introverts tend to go towards writing, extroverts tend to like talking.

3. PEACE (Have a planned moment of peace 2 min -15 min+

: Regardless your personality or busy lifestyle, you can always plan this moment of zen to yourself everyday.

: Think of nothing, work on box breathing (4 seconds in, 4 seconds hold, 4 second out, 4 seconds hold… and repeat) and compress.

: Grounding yourself is also a bonus tip. Trusting something higher than you to guide you through your day can at least comfort everything that happens both good and bad. For example a religious figure, a spiritual leader, the earth to give you natural energy, or whole natural foods.

Regardless of what works for you, these three things can be used as metaphors. Once physical exercise, one therapeutic exercise, and one silent exercise is all you need.

Let us know what worked best for you, we would love to hear it!


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