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5 Driving tips for the Average Golfer // Sports Blog

I am about a nine handicap, mainly due to inconsistency, however I hit the ball consistently around 350 yards straight that gives me some credibility I believe. (Now 2023 a Scratch)

This is why I am writing about the 5 tips I give myself every time on the golf course when practicing my drives.

1. Club Speed: To increase my club speed I do two things automatically, lengthen my swing on my backswing and pull my hands as close to my body on my downswing. This is what creates the simplest increase in my club head speed.

2. Launch Angle: Leaning on my back foot before swinging helps my vertical push through the ball as I lift forward through my swing and turning my hips. Where you hit the ball through impact is huge and keeping the ball around 11-12 degree launch angle (easier to read if on a simulator).

3. Path: Playing baseball I had the typical baseball slice, but playing hockey made that fix a little easier with my snapshot. This might sound stupid but to slice try to slice and to hook try to hook. If you are playing your slice or playing your hook, you will end up slicing and hooking it more. To fix you want to actually try to do the opposite of what your doing and that starts with path. If I am slicing the ball, I move my front foot forward, aim club head right (open), and swing inside - outward. If I am hooking the ball, I close my club head and swing outside - inward.

4. Energy: This is key for the long ball. Downward force following to Upward force is ideal for hitting the ball far. Sometimes I feel like my back leg is squatting on my backswing and almost jumping when hitting through the ball.

5. Stance: Adjusting a closed or open stance will help me hit the ball straight. I have noticed pre turning my front fit helps me get around quicker and helps me throw my hips quicker.

- These are the 5 tips I give myself and have worked wonderfully, however I am not a pga tour pro so I can't swear on these tips.



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