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5 Steps to Why Telling your Story is so Important // Business Blog

You will hear it everywhere... It is important to tell your story for these reasons.


Today, it is extremely important to stand out over the saturated competitive markets. Either in your day job, your side hustle, or even in your love life it is important to be remembered for what you are most unique in. Wherever competition is present you will want to first try your best to however you feel fit to your personality and second to stand out to be noticed.

I didn't learn this trait until I graduated college, because I was just like most everyone else... Scared to go against what we were always taught. Our pre-conditions to our ancestors always tell us "don't get kicked out of our tribe" because then you will starve without the support you needed. Well, today is a little different and we can be self effective and self efficient with technology and knowledge. That being said, we still need affection and to feel like we belong to a tribe, so don't be an as*hole.

To help telling your story is to understand yourself and your strengths. Even if your strength is transparency or a hard worker, stick to what you are amazing at and diversify your portfolio. This can be diversifying your friends, work, fitness routines and diets, etc. Don't just think diversifying your stock portfolio or else you will die a very tired and grumpy person.

Life is just not about wealth.... Not just about love... Not about just livening a healthy life, but in fact balancing your life to equal parts. If your a bada*s in one, become a badass in three.


1. Figure out the solution to the problems

2. Figure out how you are unique and be proud

3. Communicate your uniqueness. People learn all differently.

- Verbally: Showing people what you got in store or your why you do that thing.

- With Audio: Tell your story in your own words to why you do something while showing them.

- Physically: This can be through relating with your demographic, telling your impactful story with the meaning will typically do the trick. This can also mean professionally touching someones back while telling them something impactful.

4. Be yourself

5. Do Your Best

Don't always overthink your story, but know why you should be chosen then someone else. If you don't have a clue, try changing into that person. Value for Value is always important these days...



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