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6 Social Media Marketing Platforms to Master for a healthy Online Business // Business Blog


First things first, if you don't have unique content than start creating it. Marketing Agencies will believe it charge up to $50K for 250 pieces of photo content, $25k for 4 original articles about your brand and about 15 Articles pre made, and 10K a month just to share your content through SEO platforms. These things can add up quickly, so keep in mind somethings that I have seen help clients.

1. Your Website: If your website is hard to navigate, then you will not convert as high as you would if it was polished out the first time. There is a science to how customers eyes navigate websites and creating a simple brainless call to action is key. I have had to go into so many clients websites and clean them up.

2. Google: The all seeing platform is what I call it. It does everything and gives the best feedback. Pay per click takes some thought with what keywords perform the best and converts the best. Thing of each click having to be a "hot" lead going to your site and hopefully your website and product is so good it sells itself.

Understanding what each platform does best is ideal with not wasting to much of your time trying to doing everything online.

3. Email campaigns are your life line of your business and the content should be sent to people who already supporting you, so you should try to support them with simplicity and value. Give them a coupon but don't be spammy and try to educate them while being exciting for your customers to understand why you are the best of the best in your industry.

4. YouTube is long form marketing and good to educate your product, share testimonials of why others have bought it, and to clear up confusion about your product.

5. Twitter and Snapchat are short form and good for customer service and engagement with customers.

6. Facebook is good for almost all the above as they do everything. They do PPC, they do short form marketing and long term marketing. You can engage with customers very well on facebook and is almost better used as somewhat an email source for your business.


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