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An Example of Me "LIVIN' My Best Life" // Lifestyle Blog

Me living my best life is simple when I follow the balance formula throughout my day.


First, I will wake up and eat a balanced meal of protein & fats with black coffee espresso. This usually consists of 4 eggs, bacon, and an avocado a day keeps the doctors away because of the antioxidants.

From then I focus on my mental health. Either I wake up with anxiety or I don't, I always will try to do something that involves meditation and being mindful of my surroundings (now that I'm almost 30 and with kids) this is crucial for me to practice daily so I can give my full potential to the day.

I then start working… of course after getting the kids dressed, fed, and occupied for the day as well and after walking the dogs. Currently I work from home and my wife helps out her mother with my mother in laws business selling wedding rentals and doing wedding hair.

My work load is consistent to either outside of my computer taking pictures or video for marketing clients through Weezle / / Weezleapp and talking to people. Other than that, I am 85% behind my computer building ads, reporting analytics, responding to emails, using all my auditing tools to make sure my clients are maximizing their ROI, etc. I also work throughout social media platforms so this is why I definitely need to meditate before working so I don't get caught up in the drama.


At around noon or early evening I will try to get to the gym, go for a run, and/or go golfing. If I get most of my work done and the kids are situated with their mom, I can typically do all of this with 4 hours of my day, but of course life happens and I only get about 1 hour to myself which I workout and practice my swing in the garage or any other hobby like shooting, ping pong, bowling, swimming, etc.

From performing these things I feel like I have served a purpose to myself and get motivation to do all the not so fun stuff for my personality type and ask for money from clients, budget my investments, plan for the following day and week, etc. This drains me, but of course without money I wouldn't be in business. If I could just help small businesses 100% for free I would, but I have bills unfortunately too.

I then will focus on things that have changed around me and become aware of it. Either if that is gaining a client or losing a client, I just have to be aware of it and adapt to it. I think success comes from 100% adapting to things quickly and to be able to do this quickly you have to be balanced as a person.

I then eat my most healthiest meal of the day of organic somethings and hopefully a salad or grass fed somethings. I also drink at least a gallon of water a day.


I like to treat myself with whatever my body would like (listen to yourself) and relax or do something fun with the family. I love my family and make sure I engage with them daily. If I can do this while golfing, hiking, or swimming… then even better.

For dinner I like to not be as picky as throughout the rest of the day, but I try to always stay away from processed sugars, too much alcohol, etc. I do like to have a beer or a vodka soda to relax at the end of the day. Keep these things to moderation, but have fun in life.

This is my ideal day to day life and most productive days. I do however have OK days and Eh' days like everyone else, so I will talk about those in the next posts.

Hope you enjoy and email me your most productive days or any questions you have about mine.



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