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Are You Just Over Broke? How to break the cycle & become free

Have you ever thought you were not appreciated enough even though if felt like you were running the entire company?

We all know what people are paying these days for certain jobs so we know what on average employers can afford and what we are worth. Sure they can shove in your face "Well we have overhead to pay for and a lot more risk". As this is typically what I call common sense, I can see through the bullshit when they drive around the BMW & Vacations they take all the time, but can afford $500 extra to pay you a month.

Sure they have earned this and they did take the risk, which people don't have the cojones to do it themselves or more defined as, too many excuse syndrome.

If you didn't catch the phrase, JUST OVER BROKE, it is a joke stating employers just pay you enough to get by, but not too much to invest in your self and leave them.

I have experience in this bullshit world from managing 7 restaurants as the GM and me kicking myself in the ass every year end knowing I got dooped into another person's bullshit, insecure, no direction dream.

I don't mind working for the right person, but damn is it hard to find these people these days. At least what I have learned is to just become that person I want to work for. The person I have been searching for could just be… me.

What I have learned is:

- The Apparel company business owners I have worked for, either got lucky or they had rich daddies while I was thankful enough to come in and dig them out the t