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Prep for 'Another' Pandemic? // Lifestyle Blog

This is how all articles seem to start these days of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 for the higher intellectuals.

I am not writing this blog out of fear tactic click bait, but to highlight that a bunch of people do that in marketing. Mainly because it works (ha). Ironically we fall for it all the time because we are all wired to be focused on survival as all of our ancestors have focused on the same since we have been smart enough to be aware of danger and things that could harm us.

Learning about Anxiety and Panic the beginning of the year was actually amazing that I could work on it then, before this virus happened. If you don't know, when my second child was 5 months old & made a drastic career change going all in with my passion, I was hit with a box of rocks with panic attacks identifying it for the first time.

What I have learned about anxiety from then is:

- Anxiety is trauma induced and real even when you ignore it.

- Can be more genetic than you think.

- You can't actually laugh it off.

- It can happen out of nowhere.

- Can start an anxiety cycle of fight or flight.

What I have learned about healing it is:

- Having the power to accept all of it genuinely will cure it (Yes, sometimes feels impossible)

- Understand that panic attacks have body sensations that you shouldn't be afraid of when you identify they are not anything to be scared of.

- To help your anxiety you have to focus on self healing of your mind and consciousness DAILY.

- Meditate, focus on contact points when sitting, Breathing, learning about yourself and triggers, change bad habits, etc.

Sure you can distract it or tame it for a rainy day with alcohol, but in the long run the only way to fix it is to work on it, daily with mindfulness thoughts. When tragedy happens you have been working on acceptance of anxiety & worry, that it might make it easier to accept the tragic event that has happened.

For me, I have worked on this all this new year… so when the virus happened I was better prepared for it mentally than I thought. I was working on breathing, accepting, and overall controlling my life again.

Hope this helps and stay safe out there, Wash your hands as if you have never heard that before.



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