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Chest Workouts - Why Support in Your Chest is Important for Both Men and Women // Health Blog

Chest day is one of my favorite days because it typically starts off my workout week and I love the feeling of my chest pumped up after a good workout. The ones where you can't do more than 15 pushups at the end.

I remember when starting out I didn't realize how important compound workouts were to overall strength. I'm talking about bench for chest day and how many muscles you actually use while benching.

My normal chest workout goes like this:

1. Bench barbell light to heavy 3-5 setsd

2. Incline Bench Dumbbell 3-5 sets

3. Cable or Flat DB fly, 2-4 sets

4. Misc. chest workout

- The ones you see online, you know what I'm talking about. The ones that look fun.

Keep your workouts as simple and hard as you feel fit to you and your results. Going to the gym is the most important part. Also, remember for both men and women, the muscle that you are building in your chest will make all of the chest perky.



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