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Austin Pray is giving way all his secrets 2:22:22 on a Tuesday 22 E-Pedia

Top 3 reasons for evergreen content.

Evergreen Content is content that is always relevant. It isn’t current news, it is education usually that hardly changes.

1. Listicles might sound dirty, but it’s just list and articles combined. This is what I love doing the most because it helps out people like me with adhd remember things. Checklists are huge and a fan favorite for evergreen content.

2. Tips & Reviews is amazing evergreen content that can been posted whenever. This is usually a positive, but also can be negatives turned into education or helping others grow.

3. And if you do end up talking about politics and you don't want to (or any other awkward conversation) just say “Well Every Soup is Different” or “Well every soup tastes different” - Josh - Meaning, well everyone has an opinion.

Everyone gets writers block or business block where they can’t think about anything else to talk about. Evergreen content should be made for anytime of the year and be posted whenever you need a little help to make life easier for your future self.

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