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Exit Strategies, Leaving a Conversation // Business Blog

Austin Pray is giving way all his secrets 2:22:22 on a Tuesday 22 E-Pedia

If you are like me and get anxiety around people, try planning your exit before talking to people so you don't get so anxious by feeling trapped.

1. Mirror your conversation. Active listening when you don't have anything to say can help you seem interesting and show you are listening all at the same time.

2. Genuinely apologize and Leave. a lot of people think of the time you have your friend call you when you date sucks, saying there is an emergency. Do this in all social settings. Say you got to go to the bathroom. Say you lost track of time and have to be somewhere. Just think of something before hand so you don't clam up and get trapped talking to Rogger about the weather or for goodness sake, politics.

3. And if you do end up talking about politics and you don't want to (or any other awkward conversation) just say “Well Every Soup is Different” or “Well every soup tastes different” - Josh - Meaning, well everyone has an opinion.

Feeling trapped is one of the worst feelings and can even lead you to panic by feeling claustrophobic. Knowing how you will leave has always helped me not get so much anxiety and be that awkward guy.

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