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How Results Start With Zero Excuse Mentality: 3 Things All Successful People Do // Lifestyle Blog

Working with over 30 companies in the past ten years I have noticed the most successful CEO's do something brilliant over the "getting by" CEO's.

The most successful CEO's in the restaurant business, the apparel business, the marketing, landscaping, painting, you name it business have:

1. Always got things done the correct way the FIRST time and adapted quickly the SECOND-FIFTH time (always trying their best mixed with luck = success).

2. They listened more then they talked (learned from everyone)

3. And the biggest and most obvious is that they never made excuses and took accountability for themselves when things didn't happen that were promised (took action).

I have consulted for the best part of the last 5 years and have always noticed that when I even don't see results is mainly because I'm just creating excuses for myself and is terrible toxic. Once I noticed I was "running in the mud" and not getting anywhere I did what all successful CEO's do, focus on the three things above.

Work harder while balancing, learn more while networking, create ideas into reality while validating the crap out of them. I would find every single piece of information about that service or business and would see if it was a good fit for what I am good at, does it have "legs" to becoming something, and could I genuinely be able to work my best at it?

Things not to do: Don't just go into something because you have a generic idea of how it works or "I could do it so much better than my boss" mentality. Business is worse with emotions, but the best with your brain and thinking through steps A,B, & C.

- Don't give Excuses like "I don't have enough time", create it. I use to go to bed at 3am and wake up at 5am for a while because I was working three jobs, wanted to keep my balanced life at home while still going to the gym, and had clients. I knew this was temporary, so I motivated myself to finish the best that I could, which I did.

The worst CEO is the ones that give excuses to why things aren't getting done without a solution to solving it. I always say "running in the mud" because your inching forward opposed to running on pavement with solutions. I have in the past dropped the clients that give me excuse after excuse because they just don't give a damn and think that things shouldn't take work.



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