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Is doing Deadlifts Every Workout Beneficial? // Health Blog

So this past week I was trying a new thing in the gym...

DEADLIFTING EVERY TIME (5 days in a row)

- So in a routine this might seem a little weird, however what I noticed was interesting. I had more interest in working out, I felt my testosterone spiked, and helped me finish my workout.

Knowing that the first thing I was going to do was active stretches and deadlifting first helped me create a simple mindset.

1. Get workout clothes on

2. Drive to the gym

3. Stretch by jogging in place

4. Load light weight on Deadlift 10 Warm up reps

5. Do 3 Sets of 3 Reps Staying under 10 reps 70% Max.

6. Start workout

Having this mentality kept me motivated to work hard every day this week. Also, I noticed my 70% increased every day to do more and more weight. My form got better and helped me lift way more on my leg day when increasing to 90% max deadlifts.

I felt my energy throughout the day increased and I felt way more focused.

This could be due to simplifying my mind to focus on the big picture of the day and the end goal, but I really enjoyed this throughout the week and recommend lightly going into this to everyone else.



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