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Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein | Masterclass Review // Business Blog

I speak out-loud my notes, so this is very jumbled grammar, word vomit. If you are a grammar stickler, you might want to skip these reviews.

"You realize that advertising is a lot more than even the 30-60 second commercial and there is a lot to learn in the early career with being naive and faking it till you make it…. these two are the best in following their gut feelings"


- Making stuff out of nothing is what they initially talked about in the beginning of the class. They talk about the hilarious ways they would use tiny budgets to win awards and blamed this success to them not knowing what not to do and just doing something.

The claim to fame for these two were working on the "Got Milk?" campaign where they noticed people didn't think about milk until they didn't have it, so they ran campaigns specifically on people running out of it. When they were pitching the commercial, they set cameras up in the office fridge and took out the milk to see real life reactions to show how people can relate.

Just like most all the other masterclass's I have taken, they all seem to mention this "clue of success" which is material is around you and you just need to be listening for it. This is where they get material from their clients, when most people think that they are the marketing specialist and should be the only one listened to…. they thought the opposite most of the time.

Exploiting the DNA of what makes a company a company. How they care about people in a commercial they made for a car company, they showed just people acting like cars without the car… Genius.

Bring things out of the dead and just bring it back. Be persuasive again and again. Relate to things that you only care about as they let you into their doors, you want to make sure you want them in your doors as well.

PITCH: When pitching ideas keep it an open dialogue. Make your pitch so good and throw out all the possibilities that the only mistake is not doing the ad, because the biggest ultimate mistake is for companies to be forgotten.

* Don't copy, STEAL

- Be Alert to things around you, and do your work for 2/10ths of the day.

- Be Noticed.


- Care about it. Business reporters and Press can be your friend, but be aware of what you say.

Beginning, Middle, and End of a story in 30 seconds. Start with the End, because this is the landing. You can tell what its about, you have to read it to pitch it so they can tell you what they felt. The story has to be good in the details. Plan the Dialogue & Visuals specifically and time it exactly to how long you want the video.

Learn about the language when you write copy. Your environment is where you find design, touch it and be curious. Practice things when you want to be something. Give your clients tough love and edit things the way you want along with the editor. People don't like being told what to do.

Things are never funny enough, but it is always human nature to laugh. If you can make things funny. Selling a crazy idea is one of the topics in the class and it was awesome to hear from them. The craziness can be debunked if there is a strategy behind the boldness and a reason. Make sure you don't tell people how to feel, you let it happen so they can feel it themselves. Everyone wants to feel apart of things, so help them feel like they are apart of the idea.

Mood Boards is the modern story board by adding music, gifs, feelings to create moods. Use other clips that are similar and what you are looking for. Present things very well and everything matters (dress, clothes, professional, treating staff nice, leave coat on, stand up when you talk, don't talk over each other to make it seem like you trust each other)

Campaigns are something you never have an ego about when you have amazing campaigns. You just make the next one. Advertising is everything, and nothing. There is no rules to advertising. You can bring the social commentary to the brand and strategize about bold ads. Use brands as communication pieces. If a brand could be soulful, toughness, and moral standing.

Big accounts change companies. "Every meeting is a meeting to lose, not a meeting to win". Always think you are on the other side of the fence and put yourself in your potential clients shoes. How would you want to be approached?

Give back, always be learning, adapt to things, and create how things feel.

Hope you found this useful, once again check this out on Masterclass and watch it for yourself.

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