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Learn 5 Elimination Diet Tips in Seconds // Health Blog

Elimination Diet in 5 Points

I took a course Online talking about the Elimination diet. The 5 points I got were: - Point 1: For 4-6 Days take out Inflammatory foods. - Point 2: Cut out Dairy, Grains, Grain Fed Meat and Eggs and Processed Deli Meats, Sugar, Legumes (Beans, Rice, Peanut Butter), Vegetable Oil (Soy, Corn, etc) Caffeine, Alcohol. - Point 3: If your body is fighting against these things than you can't lose weight or gain weight. - Point 4: Almond Milk Coconut, Ezekiel Bread or Rice Bread, Grass Fed Meat and Eggs, Almond butter, Olive Oil, High Quality Caffeine, Lower consumption of alcohol or switch types of alcohol. - Point 5: Eliminate one things for 4-6 Days and see how your body reacts to elimination.


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