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Learn 5 Keto Diet Tips in Seconds // Health Blog

Keto Diet in 5 Points

I took Online Courses about Keto Diet. These are the 5 points I got: - Point 1: Eating "Healthy" fatty foods is beneficial is weight loss and getting jacked. - Point 2: Eat things like heavy whipping creams, butter, full fat cheese, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, Meat full of fat, eggs, Macadamia Nuts, BACON, MCT oil, Veggies, Salt, and Water. Protein, nuts, fruits (limited cause of sugar), vegetables, seafood, fats, oils, dairy, and non-sugary liquids. - Point 3: Avoiding sugar, starches, grains and pasta. - Point 4: Don't eat things like Starchier Veggies like potatoes and carrots, limit fruits, juices, sodas, cereal, crackers, cookies, rice, Chips, etc. - Point 5: If you can, eat organic and grass fed meats, no processed meals, drink coffee, and workout for much better results.


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