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My Football History and Why I Love Watching it // Football Blog

My football career was strong in elementary and middle school, but short lived as it was a little boring for me. Yeah, I said it. ;)

To have that many practices with not many games seemed silly. If I wanted to hit someone guaranteed, I would just play hockey.

That being said, I LOVE watching football. Seeing the entire culture, team family, coach, and everyone taking it so serious is very entertaining. Keeping up with all the changes and adapting to all the new brands, teams, equipment, gossip, fantasy league, etc. is hard to keep up on... but I do so that I can stay relevant and be entertained. I thought it would be nice for a place to showcase everything I find interesting, in hopes maybe one other person would be entertained as well.

3 Reasons why I love watching football :

1. I love the prep to the game. The reason why I didn't like, is what I envy the most about these athletes. They do so much work behind the scenes for a glimpse of their efforts.

2. I love how diverse the team is built. There are basically four families on one team. This is a rare thing as football teams are so big, they have to stick to such a specific role to be successful. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and Coaches / Superstars.

3. I love the culture to the game. American Football has such an amazing history and people are sooooo identified to these teams. I love seeing people so publicly showing how they can turn off reality for a day and be all in to a game. Sometimes this can be carried away, but I do enjoy the smiling faces and sometimes sad faces when their teams lose. Such an emotional game from start, finish, and even through the off season.

F.Y.I. I am not thinking I will be an expert in anything, but in fact trying to start a platform for my expert buddies to share through. I do have some professional NFL friends that I would love to come on and give their expert experiences someday when this is built by persistence and #content


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