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My Racing History and Why I Love It So Much // Racing Blog

Well, sadly I don't race, however, I do love motocross, motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc.

I go F1 Races, Nascar, Hooligan, Dirt Track, Go-cart, etc.

I currently have way more cars & motorcycles than I need (4 cars and two motorcycles).

I wanted to create a platform and try to build a spot that is a safe place for all these extreme athletes to share their story.

Being in marketing, I have clients in the motorcycle industry who are very extreme and have a lot of connections. I also have clients in the automotive parts industry that are in businesses who hire the people who are extreme and would love to cross-brand everyone as I am in the business of connecting people and networking globally.

Let me know if you have anything exciting to share and would love to help connect you as best as I can.


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