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Other Sports like Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Water Sports, Tennis, Rugby, etc // Other Blog

Alright, so this is the space for anything interesting that we do as a hobby / sport. I know some of these are big sports like soccer, but I don't really know too much about the sports.

My history though some is :

- Table Tennis : My hand eye coordination is really good, so ping pong and now PICKLE BALL, is pretty damn good. I usually kick some ass on the courts and surprisingly the people here in Missoula are amazing!

- Cricket : I have never played, but... this looks amazing and hilarious at the same time.

- Volleyball : Love playing volleyball. Being short, I'm actually not that bad at it. My favorite is beach volleyball and grounding myself while playing is the best.

- Water Sports : I love the exercise of swimming, but do this more for leisure. Water Polo is one of the best workouts ever though.

- Tennis : Pretty fun.

- Rugby : Missoula actually introduced me more to rugby and I realized a lot more people than I thought played it. Such a fascinating sport and culture. Boy.... they like to party.


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