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22 E-Pedia - January 2022 UPDATE // Lifestyle, Health & Business Blog

For the month of January I posted 11 videos of knowledge.

I slacked hard as editing, working, videoing, and every other excuse in the book, I had one. I'll get better, and then famous promise. ha

This is the January current events update, but following will be the blog updates of each video I did.

  1. Easy Exit Strategies for when you get social anxiety : L

  2. What is an ETF, where I talk about why you should understand them. : B

  3. What is Evergreen Content where I talk about the fun in being relevant. : B

  4. I'm vulnerable and talk about Faith : L

  5. Talk about NFT's and how I invested in one : B

  6. Working out and the difference between Lat Pull Downs vs Cable Row : F

  7. Understanding SEO Part 1. Search : B

  8. Understanding SEO Part 2. Engine : B

  9. Understanding SEO Part 3. Optimization : B

  10. Dieting and my 3 favorite keto meals : F

  11. And how Listening changed my life : B


- SPORTS (I Like) : The Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl, lets say for the first time ever. Not true, but exciting that they are all underdogs that we haven't seen in for a long time.

: I was a strike away from a 300 in bowling.

: Played 6 games of Hockey, Worked out 22 times, drank 6 beers total.

: The Colorado Avalanche are the fastest and most skilled team in the NHL, lack pressure and aggression to intimidate with alpha power. They have a lot of points in the month of January.

: The Denver Broncos look like they are getting the "Packers".

: The 2022 Winter Olympics started in Beijing.

: Basketball is still a sports, jokes

: Tiger Woods is back and Bryson D. can hit the golf ball far.

- POSITIVE NEWS : Antonio Brown felt mistreated and peace'd out mid-game, vaccine mandates are blocked, Beijing lowers pollution, and solar panels are doing amazing.

- NEGATIVE NEWS : Joe Rogan has guests who have different opinions then some people and people blame Spotify for it, Maxwell & Jeffery Epstein are gross, Elizabeth Homes is gross, Andrew Cuomo is weird, the golden globes was boring, Prince Andrew was talked about a lot, Inflation blows, Covid still sucks and political with handling it, Tonga Volcano, Ukraine tension, Gun laws, and sadly Colorado had fires that burnt over a thousand of homes basically in the suburbs of boulder (my backyard I grew up in).

Also, did you know it costs 13million per prisoner at Guantanamo bay prison?

Happy 2/2/22

- So excited for 2/22/22 (my b-day)


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