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Austin Pray is giving way all his secrets 2:22:22 on a Tuesday 22 E-Pedia

Before you start SEO, search yourself & find your competitors by knowing who shows up first. SEARCH SEO is extremely important, and if you are like me you have no clue what it is, really. So I’ll be breaking it down in three videos with 3 sections of each word.

Search Engine Optimization = SEO

1. On google, search your name and any keywords you want to be shown in. There are three categories of keywords you have to understand. Extra unique to you like your location and name, rare like your niche, and impossible saturated keywords like a broad keyword you probably can’t rank in, but good to mimic.

2. Audit yourself. On I tell you the exact auditing tools you should use, as I have used them all. Ha. You need to figure out your ranking scores, backlink rankings, and keywords you already rank in, to grow your organic SEO.

3. Audit competitors. Now you know how to audit, also find your competition due to similar industry leaders and ranking scores. See how your competition is doing better and out shine them.

Shameless plug as I have helped a lot of people in my life, now you can help yourself (or hire me)

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