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Filtering People, Not just a Reminder to Change Your House Filter // Lifestyle Blog

The Success clue of the week that I have been learning and seeing everywhere is filtering out the stupidity and ding-bats around us.

The people who you surround yourself with is extremely important to your overall balance and I am a huge example of how it can snowball out of nowhere if you don't pay attention to it (Hint: my first panic attack ever was a month ago)

I have listened to Gary V. this week, Tai Lopez's ex business partner, and some master classes that all were talking about how they filtered and leveraged off other people who were very close to them. They all mentioned that the people who you surround yourself with measures your growth or how limited you are with success, where I plugged for myself… with balance.

If you hang out with people who are overall balanced they will help you stay balanced.

People tend to do this naturally as we don't like Debby downers and negative people, however letting go of people that suck can be hard at times definitely when they are family. This has been hard for me as I always want to help people, but it always ends up with me being around people who don't care about love, or don't care if they eat & drank like crap.

These people do tend to suck the life out of you once you start to notice where you bad habits come from.

1. Who is you best friend and are they growing your balance or stopping it?

2. Is your town full of go getters and badasses, or are they complacent and retired?

3. Is your work supporting your balance or should you get the F' out because they are making your balance a thousand times worse?

These are the questions that I always evaluate daily and sometimes even overthink which isn't good. However, being aware of how you can become happy with success clues can be a great start to your overall balance. Be Aware!

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