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Success Clues of the Bare Minimum of "Body" // Lifestyle Blog

Everyone says, "Mind, Body, Spirit" But what the hell does that actually mean.

We try to simplify it in three categories.


I am one of those that can't stop, but I need to remember that is just as important if not more important than just moving. There is a reason why I get the most "jealous" of those who can just stop and chill.


Flexibility is the most important exercise in life. We all will have join issues, some worse than others. Even if you are extremely flexible like myself, you still need to stretch and know how to stretch. For example : Did you know before working out you should just active stretch? Just get blood flowing, but not holding the positions as we have always been use to. The holding stretches we are use to doing (but still avoid cause we are lazy) is called dynamic stretches. Keep these for after your workout or game. This is where you prevent injury / build actual flexibility.

Now GO and MOVE

Obviously the best thing for our bodies (aside from what we put inside them) is moving our external bodies. Go and move however this works best for you, go do it daily! Yes, mowing the lawn counts... just do something.


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