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Success Clues of the Bare Minimum of Fitness // Health Blog

- 10% of your diet can be Sugars

No sugar coating here, the reality is we all sometimes crave it, and if you don't you crave processed foods of some sort so don't lie to yourself.

- 40% of your diet should be balancing Macros

Macros in the food world is a weird word to say, it's okay to eat Fats, Carbs, & Proteins. Balancing these at each meal for 40% of your plate and the 50% of your plate with anything provided by the earth, you will be a healthier eater.

Typically these both fall in the same category.

- 50% of your diet needs to be Earth Foods

The earth provides a lot of food for us including the three basics: WATER, VEGETABLES, FRUITS.

Eat them, preferable the Green Vegs & Fruits!


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