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Success Clues of the Bare Minimum of "Mind" // Lifestyle Blog

Everyone says, "Mind, Body, Spirit" But what the hell does that actually mean.

We try to simplify it in three categories, so easy a 3 year old can understand. The stop light.


A lot of people try to distract themselves from their internal mind and body yelling at them. They will use vices to distract themselves from actual healing, so make sure you heal first before you have fun. Ps. Hobbies are a distraction, but a good one as long as you are trying to grow in it.


Life is Crazy! It will always be. You are not different, I am not different. We just go, go , go. I have ADHD however, so I have to remind myself harder than if I didn't have it I'm sure to slow the F' down and focus on the things that matter. Whenever you are at work and your loved ones are yelling at you, slow down and focus on what they are yelling at you for. They have that opinion for a reason, just listen.

Now GO and LEARN

Genuinely learning on things you care about, is extremely important. Learn through observations. This can be observing someones success story in a book or video and try to mimic them for yourself. This can be reading a book and genuinely being present with the book to grasp everything you imagine. This can also be a conversation socially that is deep and with some meat and potatoes. These are the only kind of conversations I have, and about 50% of people hate me for it. I don't care. HA

Now go out and remember the stop light metaphors for yourself! Rule the day! Rule your Life!

- Austin Pray


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