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The Box Theory - Love, Health, Wealth = Identity // Lifestyle Blog

The Box theory is something I think I made up, but the name could be out there in the world. P&A Box Theory is the theory that success leaves clues and those clues should be put into a compartmentalized "Box".

Structure is something you need to keep in the box and being creative / unique / rare can be you metaphorically going outside the box.

I believe that the 4 boxes you should have are Your Identity = Love, Fitness, & Business Boxes and thinking outside of each will get you the girl or boy of your dreams, thinking outside the will get you the results and the motivation you need to be persistent, and thinking outside the box will get you a raise at your work. All of the above, to think outside of the box you first have to create a sturdy and stable box.

I will keep it as simple as that as I believe that is enough arsenal to get the point across.

If you want to learn more, check out the box theory on the website at: LINK

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