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The Christmas Truth - This year's Summary (2019) // Lifestyle Blog

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays...

Whenever you see this (back-scrolling probably now that I'm Famous) HA.

- What is fun with blogging when you still have zero fame, is that you are blogging for yourself and for your future self to reflect on where you were at a specific moment as long as you stay transparent.

Writing down what you have learned is important to touch all your senses (Verbal, Audio, and Sensory) and also important to work on your writing skills. As you can tell, mine can still use some.

Today, on this fine Christmas morning I was just reflecting on the year and boy was it amazing and EXTREMELY stressful, there I said it. With having our second blessing added to our already amazing family it started to limit our effective time in the gym and at work. All we wanted to do was hang out with our new child and also give all of our time with our other child while also giving time to each other... oh and our dog. What happened was interesting.

I personally gained, weight. In the places people warn you about. I didn't feel like I was in control of my body for the first time. I then brought this to work and started SUCKING and staying on top of everything. I was just drained...

Thank goodness we created freedom of time with working our very flexible entrepreneur work life before hand. Otherwise, this would have sucked even worse as we are not distant parents when parenting. We are very hands on and don't want day care or day care to parent our children.

Nothing against day care, but first you get sick all the time and second when you pick up your kids it looks like they were ran through a cycle or two in the dryer all day, a mess.

Back to the transparent recap...

- This year was full of neglecting work growth, while also making the best time freedom decisions of my life.

- I gained so much free time this year, while not making the most financial gain.

- I gained weight, while becoming the strongest I have ever been in the gym.

- I ate fast food a lot, while eating the "healthier" quick options on the menu.

- I struggled with balance, while learning the most I have ever learned about myself while getting out of them (mentioned in the previous blog post).

- I neglected my wife more than I wish I had, while staying very self aware that I was doing it and needed to change.

Even though these seem like more fails this year, I believe they have become more growth pains to make next year my "BITCH".

I will look at this as I created time freedom, I got strong, I avoided crappy-er foods, I learned how to get out of mental funks, I've been focusing more on my feelings, everyone that means a lot to me instead of just one or two, and most importantly


What I can do better for 2020 is:

- Focus on work growth and knowledge on what to try next

- Make more Money while staying balanced

- Lose some weight and stay strong

- Stop eating fast food, make meals at home and bring them with you.

- Focus on mental health, breathing, and peacefulness. Being more positive.

- Love everyone that means the most to you, and like those that you surround yourself with.

Pretty simple and I hope you can find the courage to do this for yourself. Humbling myself was the coolest thing I have ever done to become aware of what I need to do and execute on it.

Much love and let me know if you need any help this upcoming year.


Austin Pray, P&A


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