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Quick Career Story of the CEO of Weezle and how he has been doing it full time since 2018

Recap, 2012 Austin started Weezle… he ran out of money building an app and website. $35,000 cash more specifically with $-85,000 in the bank (credit cards & loans). Not coming from money and not having a super rich dad, he had to get a job adjacent to running Weezle.

These “jobs” were actually careers, but to Austin they were just jobs hints why he quits basically everyone of them within a year after he learned enough.

First, he grew up in a dive bar which his mom owned and would help supervise whenever the parents wanted to go out and party, being he was only 16. Fast forward to 2011 he did the whole college works painting thing and met his mentor (which he’ll talk about later). In 2012 he was thee GM of Panda Express in College right after knowing Weezle was going to cost a lot of money. 2013 he quit Panda and went to Opening up a Marriott Restaurant with White Lodging Management Group. This SUCKKKKED. After learning he quit and went to “Mission Yogurt” as a GM for multiple restaurants at the DIA airport. Ps. Closing his first restaurant (Que Bueno)… Tasted failure for the first time or at least saw it and had to fire everyone. 2015 He quit and worked at a concept of Huhot in Denver and closed that down a year later to (Nuhu). Closed two restaurants in row. 2016 became Regional manager of Smashburger. Complete opposite affect here. Planned on opening 1000 units in a year… lets just say at the time these places made a lot of money.

Now with working basically two jobs most of the time and doing Weezle marketing on the side (poorly as he had zero time), he also had a life outside of work. In fact a fiancé and a 1 year old daughter at the time. Long story short, the fiancé was like “F’ this shit, I’m moving to Montana you can come to if you want”. These weren’t her exact words, but close he says.

In 2017 he quit Smashburger and moved to Missoula, MT with zero plan. He ended up getting Qdoba to reach out to him but disclaimer about Missoula… they don’t pay shit. He had to figure out how to work two GM spots so he could afford his bouche lifestyle so he did. Woke up at 3:30am to manage the coffee shop in the airport and around 2pm he would manage Qdoba. Still doing Weezle on the side keep in mind and also marketing all these other restaurants throughout his career (while also making orders, staffing, firing, managing costs, etc)

One day he’s like F’ this shit while in one ear one Operational manager was telling him that missing money in the bank was okay and just to do a pay out to balance it (instead of firing the employee) and the other Operational manager telling him he has to work 60 hours a week for a $4k pay increase…

2018 : Full Time Weezle ever since.

: If you enjoyed this, want to hear more success / failure stories and/or ask him how he got burnt three times trying to be nice, reach out to him personally and ask him questions at . Also, ask him about why he hates corporate companies so much...

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