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What is Gaslighting And Why Should We Care? // Business Blog

First off, gaslighting is a terrible thing to do and how good it works. In politics, in business, in everything where you "need" power you will see it. Don't be this personal and call people out when they do it!

I didn't know about this word until I started becoming interested in politics. I unfortunately, fortunately don't care to identify myself as anything within politics, religion, or anything controversial because I can see both sides of the story (which is scary to some that they can't figure me out as "that guy who thinks this way" because nobody can label who I am). The reason is that I enjoy my clear conscious to my own thought and love to agree to both sides and sit in the middle while challenging people. Of course if it goes against common sense ethics or morals, I will have a strong opinion as I am not a psychopath.

Alright, back to Gaslighting (ha). This article does an amazing job at explaining how gaslighting can cause a psychological disconnect to your own thought, thus becoming agreed upon by exhaustion.

Manipulation is cancerous too society. Only the wolves do this to others for their own insecurities. We call this "small dick energy".

This is why I don't like corporations…


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