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What type of Workout Should you be Doing for Max Results? // Fitness

Have you ever wondered what Joe Rogan does in his daily workout routine?

Or maybe if you like Kevin Hart?

Or ever look at Mark Wahlber's workout day? His is crazy..

I found this website today and I found it very beneficial to anyone looking for a good motivator to starting your workout journey.

Sometimes, I have a hard time finding motivation when I have been working out 3-5 days a week since 2009.

Typically, my routine (not like I am anyone to listen to especially online), is sticking to the basics. I have been able to control my 'fat gene' to where I don't have to stress about being only fitness because I am doing all I can and have been since 2009 while still enjoying my life, by sticking to these basics.

These basics being:

- Work out Compound workouts to get strength.

- Work out Yoga to gain flexibility.

- Work out Cardio or HIIT style workouts to gain endurance strength.

I think everyone should diversify some sort of all three throughout the week.

Anyway... That is all.

Thanks for reading.



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