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When Was the Last Time you Audited your Balance? // Lifestyle Blog


  • BALANCE IS EVERYTHING, Find out a simple way to improve it right now.

So I know if I don’t make this simple, you’ll get bored and move on somewhere else. So first let me explain balance and the meaning of lifestyle balance.

P&A L.F.B.

LOVE : Love yourself, Love others, Love something higher than you (Ground yourself). This can be god, earth, aliens, whatever. But this has to be a genuine feeling for it to be real balance.

FITNESS : Fitness workouts, Fitness Diets, Fitness Hobby (Active workout that is not the gym or whatever your main daily workout is). I get the gym is your hobby, but it can’t be to be genuinely balanced. You have to find a hobby that makes you happy and fit.

BUSINESS : Business experience, Business Knowledge, Business Mindset that you can control by experiencing and learning for years. This obviously takes time… hint you can’t be perfectly balanced out the whom. You gotta work for it regardless if you hustle or don’t hustle.

The only thing you need to be to do this is patient… oh and also giving a dam about the quality of life. This isn’t for those who are checked out or pretend to be too busy.

Alright, now that I have tussled some feathers this is what you can do right now for the rest of today. Baby step / reminder if you will.

AUDIT YOURSELF : Be honest here or else this will be pointless.

  • Mental and physical audit of each box L.F & B.


My Love audit.

MENTAL : How do I generally feel right now. Not how you want to feel, but how you feel right now.

PHYSICAL : How are my relationships right now with people. Am I fighting with anyone? Does anyone make me feel gross right now? Why? You have to ask Why or How even if your relationships are going good. This is key to persistently being a good human. Also, you can do this for yourself by looking at what you are wearing or how controlled your environment is at this moment. Is it clean? If not, this means I hadn’t loved myself for a couple days (which is okay).

My Fitness audit.

MENTAL : How motivated are you to go to the gym right now? Go again to the gym right now? Go do something active? Or do I feel like just vegging on the couch or my ultimate weakness, stress eating. I’ll ask how is my ADHD doing today and how can I accept my worries if I have any.

PHYSICAL : Did I go to the Gym? How do I look in the Mirror?

My Business audit.

MENTAL : What did I learn both negatively and positively today. Did I learn this from a book, observe it, or experience it?

PHYSICAL : How many hours did I work and why? How productive was I?

Also a great one is to just look at your bank account and observe how that makes you feel. It’s not everything, but it sure is a great measure of how you are doing in business regardless.


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