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Do You Work Enough? What is "Enough" even? // Business Blog

The short answer is sure...

The long answer is sure...

The point is, what I realized is this statement of "enough" is an opinion that you have created for yourself.

Most people work until they die... They have wake up & go to bed everyday thinking about work.

They say "I'm doing what is best for my family"... however, I disagree.. because this was me.

What is best for your family is being there for them 99% of the realistic time, the other 1% you're unavailable for yourself. Corporate chain CEO's are there sure mostly for themselves with yachts, flashy shit, and whatever, but the real happy people are those who clean the CEO's office, that have a family they can go home to every night. Sure they could be a little happier, but we are all brainwashed to think that we always need more.

Back to my question to myself damn ADHD, I don't think I work a full days worth of what corporate standards have brainwashed me into thinking is qualified, but I sure as hell work enough to produce results.

Work for yourself, create your freedom, and ask for promotions.




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