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Life is weird, life is Awesome // Lifestyle Blog

Hope you aren't thinking negative like I was with everything going on these days.

Trust me, it is way easier to be fearful of the unknown and think negatively with everyone else doing it so much, but you shouldn't.

Obviously, we should all think positive.

Anywho… I went to a bar in Darby, MT where it was not only penny beer night, where they didn't even want your penny… But they also gave zero F's about masks and it was nice seeing people happy again. Darby, MT is one of the happiest places I have been in a long time.

2020 was one of the weirdest, but one of the most profitable years of my career. I was testing my adapting skills by being able to see the future quickly and yes this did cause me to panic because most of it was banking on the negatives to become more negative, but this is where you can win big.

Also, seeing positives elsewhere (Cough… Bitcoin) was an extreme plus on my end.

Moral of this run on sentence is, there is always positives if you go looking for them and having faith in positivity.




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