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Austin Pray is giving way all his secrets 2:22:22 on a Tuesday 22 E-Pedia

Have your ever talked to a wealthy person? They typically listen more than they talk, unless they are recently wealthy. They are wise and enjoy learning more than talking.

1. Active Listening : this is mirroring by “talking like a parrot” repeating what the person says. Nodding when they are talking and just showing you are listening. Being engaged.

2. Shut up

3. Write notes if you have adhd like me and forget everything. Writing notes make you look extremely professional and it helps just by even writing it down.

Over sharing is great for being transparent, but your typically LOSE credibility, trust, and professionalism when doing so. Keep things to yourself, especially in the beginning of meeting someone by listening.

If you want to learn more about listening and business go to either or


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