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My Basketball History and Why I Love Watching it // Basketball Blog

My basketball career was strong in elementary and middle school, but short lived as to be honest... I wasn't tall enough and didn't like it enough to really go the extra mile like my favorites, Muggsy Bogues, Earl Boykins and Spud Webb to start. I have a lot of other hobbies I am great at during basketball season.

Basketball is one of those sports that have an amazing culture around it and I love watching it for those reasons.

Reasons I love watching :

- How you rely on basically 5 players to out perform the other team.

- How if you make shots you are amazing, if you are amazing and miss shots you aren't a team player, if you are a team player who miss shots you suck, etc. It's fun the combination of team and individual in the game of basketball.

- Dunks take so much skill.

- How crazy tall these athletes are.

- The drama behind basketball.

- The swag in uniforms in basketball.

- Probably the most entertaining veterans in all sports, (right behind veteran hockey players of course).

- The stats in basketball are always fun to quote.

- and a lot more.

Basketball seems like such a calm and aggressive sport that it can please so many people. I am by all means, not a basketball expert, but I wanted to build a platform for my basketball friends to either be entertained with or entertain for themselves.


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