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My Bowling History and Why I Love It So Much // Bowling Blog

I started bowling competitively when I was about 8 with my buddy Colby. We would have hockey practice together then shoot over to Bowling almost every weekend.

Side note, joining the bowling team at CSU was one of the best decisions I made (ha). I met the coolest people, still have some of the best friends from bowling (like Seth from LSU's bowling team) and even got trips to Vegas paid for through the school scholarship programs.

I don't remember if I have ever bowled with three fingers and if I had, it has been a while. The two handed technique has been taking over the PBA for some time now. Sure, the older bowlers will give you crap for online using two fingers and two hands to bowl, but only in good fun (most of the time). They will say you are cheating (in good fun because you are probably better than them).

The two handed technique however is pretty unique. The torque on your obliques and planting leg can actually be pretty impactful for someone who tries switching over, so once you commit, fully commit.

What I have learned while taking it more serious now and averaging a 220 sport shot is :

(Soft flex yes, ha)

- Release, Approach, Aim = Consistent high scores.

- Hitting a 300 is most luck. You can hit the pocket, but not always strike.

- Know where the 17.5 board is and 6 degree angle in the pocket as your chances of striking here is 98% or something. (image from wikimedia is attached below for reference, which I don't own the rights to).

- Speed does help pin reaction. I actually prefer to throw a 15lbs ball, around 21mph (measured at the hands), 17mph (measure at the pins and usually the one at house bowling) with a flatter curve to control it better.

Before I bore you though, check out our instagram @talktoanerd where I talk more specifics on how I became such a better bowler.

Keep in mind that just like golf, bowling is you against you. When you start trying to blame anyone else for you sucking, is when you start to realize you're just yelling at yourself with zero accountability. Also, equipment does matter when you only start being consistent and shooting in the 200's all the time. Otherwise, just get better before you start bringing in 20 balls.

- PS. I've had 3 300's, one sanctioned. ;)


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