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Two Handed Bowling: A Comprehensive Guide for Bowlers


Welcome, bowlers! Whether you are just starting out or consider yourself an expert, this video will provide you with valuable insights into the world of two handed bowling.

Why Choose Two Handed Bowling?

  • Increased power and rev rate

  • Improved pin carry

  • Reduced risk of injury

Gripping the Ball:

One of the fundamental aspects of two handed bowling is the unique way of gripping the ball. Unlike traditional bowling, two handed bowlers tend to use a fingertip grip, which allows for better control and increased revolution.

Footwork and Approach:

Your footwork and approach are critical in achieving consistency and accuracy. Let's break it down:

  • Begin with your non-dominant foot forward

  • Step with your dominant foot first

  • Maintain a balanced and smooth approach

Swing and Release:

The swing and release play a crucial role in two handed bowling. Follow these steps:

  • Swing the ball in a straight line and maintain a relaxed hand position

  • Bring your non-bowling hand close to the ball for added support

  • At the release, focus on a smooth follow-through and consistent rev rate

Even though not a two handed bowler, here is a picture of me and the goat of bowling Pete Weber. He is the best and it was a pleasure to bowl alongside him / watch him.

Pete Weber in Wisconsin with Austin Pray
Me and Pete Weber, the goat of bowling.

Common Challenges and Tips:

Two handed bowling may present some unique challenges. Here are a few common ones and tips to overcome them:

  • Timing and coordination: Practice your timing and footwork to sync your swing and approach.

  • Balance: Work on maintaining a stable and balanced stance throughout your entire approach.

  • Accuracy: Focus on your target and visualization techniques to improve your accuracy.

  • Rev rate control: Experiment with different wrist positions and grip pressures to fine-tune your rev rate.

Equipment Selection:

Choosing the right equipment is crucial to excel in two handed bowling. Consider:

  • Ball weight and core type

  • Surface texture and coverstock

  • Consulting with a professional pro shop to find the perfect fit for your style

Practice and Development:

Improving your two handed bowling skills requires dedication and practice. Here are some key practices to consider:

  • Consistency is key: Establish a regular practice routine to enhance muscle memory and form.

  • Video analysis: Record your bowling sessions to identify areas for improvement.

  • Work with a coach: Seek guidance from an experienced coach to enhance your technique and strategy.


Two handed bowling is an exciting and effective technique for bowlers of all skill levels. By mastering the key aspects we discussed today, you can elevate your game and achieve greater success on the lanes. Practice, be patient, and enjoy the journey! Happy bowling!


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