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My Golfing History and Why I Love It So Much // Golf Blog

I have been golfing since 2004 when my mom married a guy that lived on the Golf Course in Colorado.

This led to my 'healthy addiction' into golf.

Being able to golf everyday if I wanted and also joining the golf team in High School, were the best decisions I have ever made (well one was my decision and the other was my moms decision).

In high school I didn't really understand the meaning of any sport really, but I just knew I was good at most of them. I was only good because I was competitive and could swing anything hard. I was also very flexible that helped me a lot when being hit hard. Actually, being 5'9 also helped me a lot as well. My hand eye coordination has translated amazingly from baseball to golf (don't believe everything your coach says) and also translated to hockey very well too.

Anyway, the meaning of golf to me now is a lot more than just the game...

Golf to me is :

- My Meditation Coach

- My Patience Coach

- My Challenge Against Myself Coach

- My Mental Health Meter

- My Consistency Fact Checker

- My Emotional Meter & Fact Checker

And Much Much More!

Golf is great just as a social game, but when you are good... Good people want to play with you. This has helped me a lot with business and hate to admit out loud that I have impressed a lot of business dudes, which are now clients. I could entertain and show I am human, not just some dud floating around, while driving the ball really far / straight.

In high school I would should mid 85's. Out of College I would shoot low 90's while being a little rusty and getting out of baseball, had a natural massive slice that I couldn't control.

NOW, with all the tips and tricks I will share with you here on starting with consistently hitting the ball straight, than putting better, than fixing my grip, than stance, than back to hitting the crap out of the ball but progressively straighter and straighter. I focused consistency with my mental strength and my skills through the process I practice and visualize daily.

Enjoy the golf tips and request anything you want. Golf is more simple than you think... as long as you know what your miss is and starting with what you suck at.

- Cheers

Austin Pray

- PS. Keep a look out for DTS.8 (Death to Snowmen) as we all hate getting 8's out on the golf course.


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