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My Hockey History and Why I Love It So Much // Hockey Blog

I have been playing hockey since 2000 (when you could start checking). I was the enforcer right out of the gate. I loved the controlled aggression culture that is hockey. You can fight and get a 5 minute penalty and be friends with the person after the game.

Hockey isn't just about aggression I soon found out in my adult days. Playing adult hockey, I seem to join the young pups league (18-30) cup or advanced league out here in Missoula, MT that is full of ex- or current junior players, college club players, Alaskan, Minnesota, Wisconsin badasses, even some ex- NHLers which has made me a lot better and more competitive than I have ever been.

Somethings I have learned are :

- Keep your head up, even in adult hockey.

- Be a team player and you'll win.

- Learn to be aware of teammates and pass to them.

- New equipment actually helps. New Skates and Sticks are the main two.

- Being situational aware of bounces, goalie, defenders, etc. is key to scoring.

- Back check, be in the way of the other team and always have a strong stick.

Some, bonus skills beside effort would be (not sure if exact terms or spelling):

- Deking

- Shooting

- Slapshot

- Backskating

- Side Skating

- Backhand-ing

- Sauce Passing

- Bounce off the board Pass


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