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Read this Before Transferring over a CSV File // Business Blog

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As you might know by now, our main thing here at Weezle is Website design and converting the shit out of them. Disclaimer, we say shit a lot here because we have thrown so much shit at the wall the first 5 years of marketing, we earned the “sentence enhancer” SHIT!

Anywho, we use the Wix platform a lot. 42 active websites currently a lot. We love it. We also have 20 Shopify and 10 misc. Wordpress / Coded / Server Stored websites as well. Out of all them we have always referenced clients to switch over to Wix. This is NOT because we are paid by WIX, which I hope one day they do pay me a referral or something, but they have the best interactive code, the beefiest backend, dev mode, api integration, and on. Everything is customizable and it is amazing if you know what you are doing.

This past weekend I finally went through a third party CSV converting agency that converted a Weebly CSV file to Wix CSV file and that part went smoothly. The part that didn’t go so well was my overthought of this CSV duplicating all 8,000 previous orders into “THANK YOU FOR YOUR NEW ORDER”.

OOPS is right.

Thank goodness our client doesn’t store client payment information so these customers weren’t charged again, it just made it seem like they did. Which side note, if you do store payment information not through a secure payment processing company… stop.

PROBLEM : New orders were sent out on our new Wix site as if they were real and made everyone panic thinking they were charged again which duh, I would to.

SOLUTION : We made a Lightbox expressing we did not charge their bank account. We also sent our first email campaign to all 8,000 orders stating that this was a glitch while converting sites. Also, reached out to every form fill, voicemail, email, that expressed their concerns. This was a dreadful pain in the A, but everyone seemed to be very understandable.

WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE : Before inputting the CSV file into the New WIX site I would turn off all notification to customers until we were live.

PROS : TIME SAVER! We also found out this new site could handle 4,000 people on the site at once, can generate 2.7 million of sales in minutes (even though they weren’t charged) and that it can send emails, CRM tools, everything worked flawlessly. Informed a little too well if you know what I mean.

CONS : CSV file notifying past customers while transferring all 30,000 pages of previous site CSV.

Just don’t let this happen to you, turn notifications off.

If you want to work with professionals that have failed and succeeded a lot, hit up




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