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45 HARD EXPLAINED : How to be a Better Person All the Time, Not just Some of the Time! 45 Day Hard

  1. Follow a Diet, but also have a cheat meal.

  2. 45 Min Workout (Moving or Active Hobby)

  3. 3 Liters of Water with Lemon and Salt

  4. Educate yourself and Put to Action

  5. Take a Video of you Talking, Doing a Hobby or Doing a Workout.

This will for sure help you be a better person more realistically. This is how you see success without stressing about imposter syndrome and not enjoying life.

I will post my examples of how I have completed the 45 hard and how it has helped impact my life whenever I am ready to "Do Better". I tend to do this consistently as it is realistic and makes me feel like a good person.

When I slip up and get lazy, I end up going back to this that I wrote down years ago and now I am sharing with you all!

Let me know if you have any questions when going through this 45 HARD Challenge and I would love to give you some pointers.




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