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1. This is the number one tip as well... always have 2-8 streams of income. This is easiest if you can monetize services online or over the phone. hell, Join a pyramid scheme, but always give 100% intentions to grow!

2. know your value, know what people are charging with the same value &
keep yourself accountable to that.

3. people say, out work everyone... but Blue collars aren't cool anymore. we are involved dads and moms. so...
out smart competitors and out "customer service" everyone out there... the customers will come.

4. Learn --> Do --> Take risks -->
Fail --> Find Mentors & repeat

5. With everything, you always have four options to deal with it. 

- accept it, then 
React maturely
- plan boundaries, Have
clear intentions
communicate then listen to the experience

1. Always have 2-8 streams of income
2. keep yourself accountable
3. out smart competitors and out "customer service everyone.
4. Fail
5. react, be clear, communicate, listen.

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